Edamame and Gout – Is Edamame Bad for Gout?

edamame and gout

Some foods should not be consumed by gout sufferers. Other can but in moderation. Some must be consumed due to the benefits it has on this condition. All of this is simple to understand and there are no complicated findings.

The problem comes with some food that apparently looks like the worst thing for gout. There are rumors that it will cause gout flare, it is unhealthy and so much more. As you would expect, not all rumors are true.

This brings me to the link between edamame and gout. At first sight, this food should be avoided and it is high in purines so we all know where this is going. However, the truth is completely different.

Edamame – Basics

The simplest explanation I can give to you is that edamame is a type of soybeans, immature actually. Although all other soybeans are beige, brown, or tan in color, edamame are green.

They are sold in their shells which are not edible and must be removed before cooking the edamame. You can find frozen edamame as well and they are the most common type of food in question.

Edamame are prepared and found in soups, stews, salads and you can eat them as a snack. They are delicious and they are very popular.

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This food is extremely popular in Chinese and Japanese cuisines. You can see them in many foods and you can consume them in any form you like. This food is healthy and there is no other way to say that.

I know that they are loaded with proteins and they are the best food for vegans and vegetarians. They can also lower down the bad cholesterol and can help you maintain optimal sugar levels in your blood.

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Edamame are rich in various minerals and vitamins. 100 grams will contain folate, K1 vitamin, copper, iron, manganese and so much more. In general, they are more nutritious than mature soybeans.

The biggest question here is the link between edamame and gout. Yes, there is a link, but not an obvious one.

Edamame fresh soya beans
Edamame fresh soya beans soybeans and Algae salad with cucumber Asian starters

Edamame and gout – How are these two connected?

As I have mentioned, in the beginning, some foods should be avoided by gout sufferers. There are plenty of rumors that suggest edamame and gout must not be linked together. There are no direct studies regarding this link, but there is one that tested the effects of soybeans.

According to Straits Times from Singapore, scientists tested over 50.000 people in Singapore. They were recruited and tested in a time frame between 1993 and 1998. All participants were between 45 and 74 years of age.

The scientists have analyzed their diet and discovered that those who ate plenty of soybeans were at a lower risk of developing gout. It was unknown why this food which is rich in purines has this effect on humans. I believe there will be plenty of other studies with the same purpose.

Is edamame bad for gout?

If you want to protect yourself from gout, eating soybeans including edamame is recommended. For those who suffer from the condition already, benefits may be smaller but still present. Edamame and gout are connected in an interesting way.

How you should consume edamame?

Now when you know that edamame is safe for gout patients and it should be consumed, how you should do all of this? Edamame can be prepared in 3-5 minutes. All other beans require more time.

You can steam them, cook them in a microwave, and also fry them in a pan. Make sure that the pods are completely removed. I have tried them in all forms mentioned here and they are delicious and also very easy to prepare.

Although there are a lot of recipes out there, I found that garlic edamame is the best. It is the simplest and the most delicious. Also, garlic is known to have countless health properties, so this is the best meal you can prepare in 10 minutes.

All I can say at this point is that edamame and gout can be mixed on a daily basis. This food can help you protect yourself from gout and also ease the symptoms and pain. It is a healthy food that comes with all nutrients we need.

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