Keto Diet And Gout – Can Keto Diet Cause Gout?

keto diet and gout

Here I will discuss ketogenic diet or more commonly known keto diet. This isn’t a high protein diet as some of you believe. The next main thing to know is that keto diet and gout can be mixed together, but it isn’t something you should do. So what is actually this diet, what it does and how it can help you?

Keto diet: Introduction

At this point, I must explain that keto diet is a low in carbohydrates diet which is focused on high fat intake. It is designed to reduce the intake of carbohydrates, so it isn’t a high protein diet as I have mentioned already. The main goal of a diet is to induce ketosis, a state in which our body will use stored fat in order to produce energy.

When we burn fat which has been stored, we will obviously lose weight, so this is a popular and effective diet if you want to lose weight. The diet is easy to follow and there are no complicated diet plans, meals which are complicated to make and nothing else which may be an issue for you.

But, keto diet is known to be used by us, gout sufferers in order to treat gout and decrease the risk of a gout attack. So, should you use it? Let’s explain that there were studies involving the diet in question and gout. They used mice and humans and discovered that yes, the risk of having a gout attack will be reduced with the help of a diet in question. At the first sight, this looks great and the diet should be used, but there are still some facts you must know, before making your entire life spinning around fat.

Should you use keto diet?

The answer is no. The main reason is simple. First and foremost, this isn’t a healthy diet. It almost eliminated carbohydrates from your meals, so it isn’t a healthy way to lose weight and get plenty of benefits. As a diet, it should be avoided, but it is still a popular way to lose weight.

Then we have the fact that among gout sufferers, this diet will have a negative effect for the first 6 weeks. Only after that, you can expect a decrease in the symptoms and a lower amount of pain than usual. During the first 6 weeks, you will actually be at a higher risk of developing a gout attack and withstanding the pain you have.

So, as a gout sufferer, you must avoid ketogenic diet. First, it is unhealthy, then we know that the meals people consume during the diet have no carbohydrates, which is something that makes a huge difference and keeps us healthy after all. Let’s not forget that during the first 6 weeks you will be at a higher risk of developing huge gout-related complications. At the end of a day, this is a diet that must be avoided at any cost. It isn’t something a healthy person should use and definitely isn’t something that gout sufferers will have to use.


A more concerning matter is that when you are on this diet, you will keep yourself away from healthy foods which will help you with gout more than you believe. For example, the diet is solely focused on fats and protein, but there are no carbohydrates. Food rich in carbohydrates is also rich in other nutrients which all have one thing in common. All of them can help you fight gout.

How to lose weight despite the fact you are a gout sufferer?

Perhaps keto diet looks more than just appealing choice when it comes to losing weight when you suffer from gout, but it is something all of us must avoid. There is a simple and also effective way to lose weight if you suffer from gout. Basically, you will have to change your lifestyle.

Changing the diet is recommended as well. For example, you will have to increase the vitamin and mineral intake, while keeping bad fats away from you. Good fats are desirable as well and they can be more than just helpful.

I must add that physical activity is the key to losing weight if you are a gout sufferer. It will help you burn more calories than ever before and you will lose weight on a healthy way, to using some keto diet which can have a negative impact on the entire health, not only gout!

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Keto diet and gout are not something you will want to use in the same sentence or in the same life! Keto diet isn’t healthy and it must be avoided, despite the fact it can help you reduce the risk of a gout attack or some other complication. It is a non-healthy diet so try the just mentioned way to reduce your weight.

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