Mediterranean Diet For Gout – Is This Diet Good For Gout?

Mediterranean Diet and Gout

Because you are a gout sufferer (I know this because you are reading my article), you have 2 types of diets available. The first type is all the ones that must be avoided at all cost. They are not good for gout.

The second group is more appealing for us, gout sufferers and something I am personally fond of. These are diets that are beneficial for treating gout and the ones that offer all kinds of additional benefits.

As you may assume, the next question is related to the Mediterranean diet. Is it a member of the first or the second group? Gout and the Mediterranean Diet are more connected than you may imagine and in a good way, making this a second group diet.

What is the Mediterranean Diet?

A Mediterranean diet isn’t the most complex diet out there but it is one of the best. I know several people who have been using this diet for years and they claim to feel better, don’t have any issues and they will continue using it.

The diet is based on eating fruits, vegetables, legumes, and nuts. Using olive oil is a mandatory part of the diet and I believe it is one of the main advantages. This oil can be used for all foods and offers you the advantage of boosting your good or HDL cholesterol.

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Meat is allowed in the diet. Fish and poultry are recommended 2 times per week. Eggs can be consumed once per day. Red meat is allowed as well, however, it should be consumed a few times per month. This is done to get the protein human body needs which isn’t very plentiful with this diet.

If you like alcoholic beverages, the Mediterranean diet allows you 2 glasses of red wine per day, for men and 1 glass for women. All other alcoholic drinks are not allowed.

Mediterranean Diet foods

Mediterranean diet for gout

Yes, Gout and the Mediterranean Diet are connected in a good way and this simply means that you can follow the diet even if you suffer from gout. The benefits are impressive.

First of all, you will get protein from red meat which can be consumed a few times per month. What this means is that your kidneys won’t work harder to process the compounds from the red meat, hence the risk of a gout attack is decreased.

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The diet allows you to eat fruits and vegetables, which are more than just appealing for gout sufferers and something I recommend to all of the people around the world with this condition.

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Then there is olive oil. It is also a mandatory part of the diet and it allows us to get antioxidant properties and to fight off inflammation. Gout is inflammatory disease, so olive oil is the best remedy for it.

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Gout and processed meats

Gout and the Mediterranean Diet are important due to the fact the diet bans you from consuming processed meats and foods in general. You should replace them with nuts and seeds. This is another reason why this diet is so beneficial for all gout sufferers.

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Then we have dairy products. They are great when consumed in moderation and they are superb for gout sufferers and also those too who are at a higher risk of developing gout. Consuming dairy products in moderation can help you avoid gout development completely.

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Last but not least, the Mediterranean diet recommends that alcoholic beverages must be avoided, which is also something you should do if you have gout. Avoiding them will decrease the amount of fluids kidneys can process and the number of purines. Less fluid equals less uric acid and therefore decreases odds for a gout attack.

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Is mediterranean diet good for gout?

My most straightforward answer is yes. After all, you saw all the benefits and all the effects this diet has on gout and you can deduce that it will protect you from developing the condition in the first place or it will help you avoid an attack.

The best part is the simplicity of the diet. It is easy to follow and there are no complicated processes, meals only a professional chef can prepare or anything similar. Gout and the Mediterranean Diet can be connected and you will definitely benefit from using the diet in the long run.

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