Yoga for Gout – Is Yoga Good for Gout?

yoga and gout

If you have read my articles in the past you do know that I am constantly looking for answers, remedies, and actions that can make gout more manageable. On my journey, I have discovered many, useful things and I am sharing with you all of them.

Physical activity is generally useful for all gout sufferers and it is something that we can benefit from in multiple ways. I get many questions regarding various types of physical activity and I must say most of them are important.

One of the most common questions has to be related to gout and yoga. More precisely, can yoga help with gout and ease the symptoms? The short answer is yes, but let’s start from the beginning.

Yoga – Basics

Yoga is an ancient set of practices and also theories that originated in India. The word comes from Sanskrit language and it means to unite. While doing yoga you will increase the flexibility and more importantly blood circulation.

Yoga has been used by millions these days and there are countless variations of it but all of them have the same base and the same foundations. This trend of doing yoga is becoming more and more popular as we speak and I believe that in the near future billions will try it.

Yoga isn’t just there to help you get some form of physical activity. It has been linked and confirmed by countless studies that it can promote blood flow, keep your muscles in the optimal state, and it can also help you lose weight.

It is mandatory to say that yoga is something you should do for a long period of time to see major benefits. If you are a beginner, you should keep things slow and probably join a course and learn the basics.

man in yoga position

Is yoga good for gout?

Yoga and gout are linked and yes you can use yoga to make gout symptoms easier and less painful. This is possible thanks to the two main advantages of this skill.

First of all, yoga requires a high level of flexibility. To achieve it, you must have strong joints and yoga also helps you with that. Strong joints are mandatory for gout sufferers.

Secondly, yoga improves blood flow, especially in the joints. This is an even more important benefit. By increasing the blood flow and circulation in general, uric acid crystals won’t be able to deposit in the joints as much as they like.

By using all of the above, we can see that yoga can decrease the risk of a gout attack. Perfect. But, it can also help you lose a few pounds if you need for that. I have said countless times that obese and overweight people are at a much higher risk of developing gout or the next gout flare.

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Overall, yoga helps you stay healthy and lead a proper, healthy lifestyle. Additionally, most people will adjust their diet accordingly, start to eat healthy which all combines into you being more resilient to gout. Gout and yoga are something you need to try and experience in order to see the results.

How to start with yoga

Starting with yoga may be complicated for some people. If possible, start attending a yoga course and learn from the masters. Practice yoga as much as long as possible.

It is important to add that Pranayamas and Asanas postures are the most important for us, gout sufferers. They have a positive effect on joints and they make them stronger.

Asanas are the postures that should be maintained for a specific period of time. You can repeat them as many times per day as you like. During these postures, you must stay balanced. The situation is the same regardless of the fact are you in motion or you are standing still.

The bottom line is that gout and yoga are more connected than many of you have thought in the first place. It is an excellent type of physical activity that offers over 30 benefits. One of them is being able to manage gout flares better and to eliminate them completely!

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