Gout And Psoriasis – Can Gout Cause Psoriasis?

psoriasis and gout

Here I will be focused on explaining gout and psoriasis. There are a lot of facts you will have to know and their correlation is truly interesting. First of all, you should know that psoriasis is a type of autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks the skin. It affects 3% of the population and it has been connected with a specific type of arthritis, known as psoriatic arthritis. In addition, 15% of those who suffer from psoriasis also suffer from psoriatic arthritis.

A study that proved the correlation

There was a study conducted on Harvard which proved that psoriasis and arthritis are linked together, although the actual reason is still unknown. They discovered that people who suffer psoriasis are 2 times more likely to develop gout and those who already suffer from psoriatic gout are 5 times in a higher danger of developing gout.

The study is important due to the fact it involved a huge number of people, more than 98.000 as a matter of fact. More than 28.000 were men and 71.500 were women! Their conditions were monitored between 1986 and 2010. Their condition was monitored through this period of time and scientists discovered that 2217 cases of gout were noticed.

There are a lot of additional factors I must mention here. It is important that when you visit a doctor due to psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis, you look for additional inflammatory symptoms. These conditions are known to permanently damage the joints, so they must be considered in a completely new light. In addition, treatment for psoriasis doesn’t affect gout nor decreasing gout attacks.

Other information

The same study also discovered that men are more likely to develop gout as a side effect of psoriasis or PsA. But, the risk they were encountered was getting lower with age. On the other hand, women are less likely to develop the mentioned conditions, but with age, their risk will be increased. Psoriasis is still an enigma for most doctors and it is unknown why and how it actually occurs. I must add that symptoms include red and white rashes on the skin which look nasty and they must be treated.

In a case, you notice the first symptoms of psoriasis it is mandatory to visit your healthcare provider as soon as possible. Untreated, it is more likely to cause gout or psoriatic arthritis and permanent joint damage. The treatment is usually very simple and it is a based on strong medications. In addition, you will also want to make sure that you are safe from any symptoms that may be linked to gout or any other type of arthritis. It is a precaution I must say it is extremely important for all of you.

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How to decrease the risk of psoriasis?

The study which I described earlier also discovered that there is a way you can decrease the risk of developing this disease and also developing gout. The answer is in the weight loss and a proper diet.

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Now, we all know that a proper diet and an ideal weight have tons of benefits, but it seems they are mandatory for preventing this disease. In essence, an ideal weight, paired with a proper diet will decrease the risk of developing psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis and gout overall. Experts are still confused by this claim, but I personally believe that it is linked to the chemicals in our body and the fact a healthy diet will make our immune system work perfectly.

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As such, you will have to spend some time in a gym or exercising, if you are obese or overweight and you will have to adjust your diet. A proper or better said a healthy diet is more than just important for overall health and prevention of these issues.

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Now all of you can see that gout and psoriasis are linked and this disease is a huge issue for us, gout sufferers. I must add that if you suffer from one condition, improving the overall quality of your life is mandatory. Also, I wish to invite you commenting the post, so I can assist each individual separately. Together we are stronger than psoriasis and gout combined!

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