Gout And Weather – Does Weather Affect Gout?

weather and gout

There are a lot of you who believe that weather doesn’t affect our bodies and that it doesn’t have to do anything with gout. In reality, gout and weather are closely related and weather can cause gout attacks! Regardless of where you live you are exposed to this matter, so be patient and spend some time learning how weather actually affects us, gout sufferers.

Our bodies get used to the constant temperature

As I have just said, our bodies will get used to the constant temperature. This also refers to the uric acid, which will stay constant during the entire summer or the entire season. Now, when weather changes, our body is literally changing with it. It means that it cannot adapt so fast to the temperature change, so it will increase the level of uric acid and therefore at risk of a gout attack.

It is a common thing that most gout sufferers, including myself, suffer from frequent gout attacks through the summer or at the end of it. Yes, it is a severe issue but there is something you can do and I will reveal it later on.

Keep in mind that you should drink plenty of fluids during the summer and when the weather is changing. Also, you should make some adjustments to your lifestyle in order to decrease the risk of a gout attack. If you live in an area where temperature changes occur frequently, you are at a higher risk of frequent gout attack, so you will have to change the place where you live or to make significant lifestyle changes.

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A study which proved a correlation between gout and weather

I was able to discover a study which was conducted in the United States, in Boston more precisely and which involved 619 people. All of them were aged between 21 and 88, so the average life age was 54 years. The scientists discovered that weather or better said temperature and humidity significantly affect gout.

The first thing they discovered is that when the temperature is increased to 30 degrees Fahrenheit, the risk of a gout attack increases for impressive 40%. On the other hand, when the temperature is decreased or better said below 30 degrees Fahrenheit, the risk of a gout attack decreases by 25-35%.

weather affects gout

Humidity also affects gout and it is important to know that the risk of the attack is increased when the humidity is below 60% and the risk is decreased when it is higher than 70%.

All of this can be explained as a result of sweating or losing the body fluids. It is important that you stay hydrated and to maintain the body temperature. As the body goes up, our bodies will have to sweat, which will literally increase the level of uric acid and decrease the amount of water in the body. As such, we are at a higher risk of a gout attack.

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Maintaining body temperature is the key

The main thing you will have to consider is that body temperature must be maintained all the time. You will have to consume as much of water as possible and to make sure you are well-hydrated. Furthermore, you should use air conditioning at your home and in your car at all times. Basically, you will reduce the chance of sweating or losing body fluids.

If you live in an area where higher temperatures are frequent, you will want to cool down your body and to consume cold beverages. If you live in an area where the temperature is low, you will have to use hot beverages. Also, I discovered through the years that electronic blankets work perfectly in keeping a gout attack away from me.

The bottom line here is to maintain constant body temperature at all times. This will significantly decrease the risk of a gout attack.

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I must say that sadly, gout and weather are connected and weather affects gout and gout attacks significantly. Make sure that you keep yourself warm during the winter and cooled down through the summer and you should be perfectly fine. Do you have something you want to share with me? If you do, please leave a comment below.

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