Gout in Pregnancy – All You Need to Know

gout during pregnancy

I personally know that gout is a huge issue that affects the entire life. We all know that there is no cure for it. What I can add is that during pregnancy, gout will be even more severe. However, the main question here is gout pregnancy and can women develop gout during pregnancy or are they at a higher risk.

Pregnant women are at a higher risk

Sadly, all pregnant women are at a higher risk of developing gout while pregnant. The reason is quite simple and obvious. They are at a higher risk due to hormone changes and the increased weight. As a mixture of all these, the risk is significantly increased. Of course, the matter can’t be generalized, so it doesn’t mean that every single pregnant woman will develop gout, just keep in mind that there are chances!

Pregnant women who have gout in their family are at a higher risk. Chances that gout occurs is much higher in this case scenario. It is the most common in knees, ankles, toes, and elbows. Once again, it may occur in other joints but it is the most common in areas which I have just mentioned.

The changes a body of a woman will experience during pregnancy will likely increase the levels of uric acid. As the direct side effect of gout will occur. Here we can also see that some medications must be eliminated from the use. Luckily, there is some good news.

Treating gout during pregnancy

As I have just mentioned, some medications must be kept away during pregnancy. But, it is possible to treat gout with the help of a proper diet and lifestyle changes, so this isn’t a huge issue after all.  Here, I will include what all you must do in order to keep gout away from you during this period.

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Drink plenty of water

The most important thing to do is to drink plenty of water. I know that all people will tell you this all the time, but it is important to remember why this is an essential element. Drinking more water will help your body eliminate uric acid through the urine. In order to achieve the optimal water intake, drink between 8 and 12 glasses of water daily. If you can drink more, do it. It will give you only advantages and benefits.

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Foods to avoid

The next main thing is that meat, poultry, and seafood must be avoided. Avoid seafood as much as possible and if you can, eliminate it from your diet. It is extremely important to do so. Red meat can be consumed but in very small amounts. The same applies to poultry. Eliminate bread as well and try to keep yourself away from any other food which is rich in purines. As we all know, purines will be transferred into uric acid which causes gout!

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Your diet should be based on fruits and vegetables. Whole grain foods are ideal as well and low-fat milk can be consumed. If you can, avoid fruits which are rich in purines. Basically, they have the same issue as other foods rich in this ingredient. For example, oranges should be kept away. They are not great during this period. In addition, also avoid fruits and vegetables which are rich in fructose. This type of sugar will spike the uric acid.

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Obviously, physical activity isn’t something you can do during pregnancy, but it is possible to walk while you can. Try to make yourself as comfortable as possible and you will be fine.

The bottom line here is that gout pregnancy is an issue, but it isn’t some major issue which will completely modify your life. It is more like a reason to change your diet and try to live as healthy as possible. Of course, all I have mentioned above won’t have a side effect on your child.

Colchicine during pregnancy

I found an interesting study which involved colchicine and pregnant women. What the study monitored is the effect of this drug on fetus and women. At the beginning, 238 women took the medication, while 930 haven’t. In the end, they discovered that those who took medication gave birth to children with defects in 4.7% of cases, while other group reached 3.2%. As such, this medication doesn’t affect on the fetus.

On the other hand, women who took the medication mostly carried the child for 39 weeks, while the second group carried 40 weeks. I believe that there are no major differences here either.

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Gout pregnancy is more complicated than regular pregnancy indeed and it will force you to make additional adjustments and changes to your lifestyle. On the other hand, it isn’t something that you should be afraid of. You will definitely be able to withstand these 9 months even with gout.

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