Colchicine for Gout – How to Take Colchicine for Gout?

colchicine and gout

We all know that gout attacks are a huge issue and they last so long that we lose track of time. During an attack, our life is miserable and painful, obviously. But, colchicine and gout are something you must be aware of, as I will explain in the content below.

What is colchicine?

This is a drug that has been among us for several decades. It is produced from the plant with a similar name which has been used for treating gout for 2000 years. The drug in question is treated to be one of the most effective medications of this type and it is more than just desirable to use as soon as you experience a gout attack. After all, you want a solution which helps and doesn’t have side effects.

An interesting fact is how this drug works. Most of you believe that it lowers the level of uric acid. Actually, I thought this is how it operates as well, but I was wrong. In reality, the drug will stop and eventually remove the inflammation, so it targets the actual source of the pain, not the cause of it. I must add that all of this actually works and the results are more than just impressive. Of course, you won’t get relief within a matter of minutes, but after all, it is better to help after some time than not to help at all.

I must add that colchicine isn’t effective in 100% cases! Sadly, this drug doesn’t help all of us, but still, the success rate is more than just high. It will help in 78% cases, so it is more than just an appealing choice to make. It isn’t known why it doesn’t help all gout sufferers, but still, chances are low that you will be one of unlucky sufferers.

How to take colchicine for acute gout?

Colchicine and gout are something you are aware of at the moment, but keep in mind that you will have to know how to take this drug properly. It is mandatory to know this matter because if you don’t, chances are lower that the drug will actually assist you with the pain!

The first thing to know is that drug must be taken 12 hours since the gout attack. If you take it after that, chances that it will react are much lower. Then we have the correct dosage. You will have to take 2-3 tablets during the first 2 days and after that, you must take 2 tablets per a day, for 2 days as well. The first reactions are noticed usually after 12 hours, but this is an individual matter and it depends on the body, gout level, and several other factors.

Keep in mind that you will have to drink as plenty of water as possible. Always drink between 6 and 10 glasses of water while taking this drug. It will simply speed up the success rate and the first results.

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Colchicine dosage for gout

According to the FDA, you will have to take 1.8 mg per a day. Start with 1.2 mg and one hour after that take 0.6 mg of it. Try to remember that this is a severe drug, so you must follow the maximum dosage. Never take more than I have mentioned right now!

Colchicine 0.6 mg tablets pills
Colchicine 0.6 mg tablets pills

Side effects of the colchicine

This drug is wonderful for all of us, all gout sufferers, but it isn’t a miracle drug. First of all, people who suffer from liver disease or kidney disease must not take it. It is dangerous for them and they will have to find an alternative. Other than that, seniors should have a consultation with their doctor before they start taking the drug. Some of them will have to use another drug as well. Others are free to take colchicine in order to treat gout.

Yes, there are some minor side effects of this drug. They are usually vomiting, diarrhea and nausea. As you already know, all of these side effects are minor and they don’t last very long. In reality, they may last one day or even less. In order to avoid them and to protect yourself from the side effects, you will have to take the drug slowly and to gradually increase the dosage.

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Colchicine and gout are definitely a matter you must be aware of. Based on my personal experience, this is the best drug for all gout sufferers. It has the highest success rate, it is the most helpful and it comes with the lowest number of side effects. All other medications are not as great as this one. Please follow my guidelines and my instructions. This is a powerful and severe drug, so you will have to follow all what I have explained.

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