Prednisone For Gout – Is Prednisone Good For Gout?

Prednisone for gout

Prednisone for gout

Prednisone for gout is a common thing to know and it is even more commonly used among us, gout sufferers. I must recommend you to have a consultation with your healthcare provider before starting to take this drug. You shouldn’t do this on your own hand. There is a lot of facts to know. Anyway, I will help you with a guide which will help you understand all you must know about gout and the medication here.

Have a consultation with your doctor

As I have mentioned, the first step is to have a consultation with your healthcare provider. There you two will discuss the use of prednisone as a gout treatment. Keep in mind that this medication must be avoided during pregnancy and during breastfeeding. It is also important to avoid it if you suffer from kidney or liver diseases. In those cases, you don’t want to use prednisone.

consultation with doctor

Don’t use prednisone if you take other medications

If you take birth control pills or some other medications, don’t use prednisone. It can alter their effect on your body, so you will want to avoid that. In addition, make sure to mention are you taking vitamins or some supplements to your healthcare provider. Prednisone may affect them as well.

Prednisone dosage for gout

The first time you take prednisone, you will want the lowest dosage possible. Patients start with 5mg, but it may go up as high as 60 mg. Your doctor will recommend the dosage, but if you are taking without this consultation, start with the lowest dosage possible. You can increase it gradually and determine which one reacts the best on your body.

I discovered that some doctors will also recommend you the same thing due to the fact it is always better to start small and gradually increase the dosage over time.

There are a few side effects

You must know that every single medication used nowadays have side effects. In this case scenario, issues may include weight gain and headache. In some, rare cases it is also possible to experience fragile skin.

Don’t stop taking prednisone at once

Here I must tell you that prednisone does have withdrawal symptoms. As such, you will not be able to stop taking it at once. It must be stopped gradually, in the same way as when you started taking it.

Additional facts to know

Prednisone is an impressive and highly successful medication, but there are some facts you must keep in your mind. The first thing to know is that if or better said when you miss a dose, you will have to call your doctor and get new instructions. This isn’t something you want to play with!

The next main thing here is the measurement. With medication, you will get a specific tablespoon. You will have to use it in order to get the most accurate dosage. Ordinary tablespoons should not be used. They are useless. In addition, do not increase the dosage in massive amounts or there will be side effects. It is known that prednisone in higher dosages can cause high blood pressure and fluid retention in the body. All of this will have a side effect of gout as well.

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prednisone tablet

Drink prednisone with water only. Some of you will know that consuming it with juice is a better option, or easier, but if you use beverages with fructose or caffeine, you will get a gout attack.

There are no additional facts to know. Basically, these were the only ones you should take into consideration. A good thing is that prednisone is a highly effective drug in treating gout and it will help you.

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Prednisone for gout is common treatment and it will probably be linked with you at some point in your life. The most important thing to keep into consideration is that you need to have a consultation with a doctor. This medication does have a lot of side effects if not used properly and you will want to avoid them. Luckily, when used with care and as I have mentioned here, you will be perfectly fine.

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