Massage for Gout – Does Massage Help Gout?

massage and gout

All gout sufferers across the world have been looking for remedies, treatments, and all the rest that can help them with pain and the condition in general. I know this because I am one of them.

I have discovered wonderful things and actions that can help more than I believed at first. I also discovered that some treatments have a negative effect. My point here is that each food and each activity has a different and specific effect on gout.

One of the most intriguing connections has to be between gout and massage. The link is more than just complicated and I will need to discuss several variations. Each one has a different effect.

Is massage good for you?

Yes, massage is good for you, even if you suffer from gout. But, the matter cannot be generalized. Here I am talking about a full body massage when you do not have a gout attack.

In this case scenario, it is safe and beneficial. Massage can help you relax more and enjoy your time. It is also a known fact that massage will help you feel better afterward. Did you know that massage can help you with hangover as well?

Anyway, gout and massage are linked and benefits are important. The type of massage you will want is almost irrelevant. All types and options have the same or similar effect and all of them are helpful.

Keep in mind that you will need a massage from a professional. Your spouse who will massage you occasionally may do worse than good!

Gout and massage link

By now you should know that gout and massage are linked. The main advantage is the ability to promote blood flow and circulation in general. Other benefits include increased ability of your body to absorb uric acid.

All of the above are important and needed benefits, period. To get all of them, you will need a massage a couple of times per week. I recommend you 3-4 times if possible.

Does massage help gout?

While a massage is good for body and mind, it must be avoided on the affected joint during a gout attack. As you may know, crystals will be formed inside a joint during this period. Pressing the tissue will inflict more damage and you will need a longer period of time to recover.

Once an attack is over, you can massage the affected joint. I recommend you to massage it before and after the attack, but never during it. There is the proof behind my claim.

The University of Miami conducted a study in which 22 people were divided into two groups. All of them had hand arthritis. The first group had to use a 1-hour massage for 4 weeks period while the second group didn’t. After the study, the first group reported that they have experienced a better pain relief and they suffered less pain during the attack.

This is basically all you need to know regarding gout and massage. It is helpful and it is something you can do at home (for massaging the affected joint only). If you want a professional massage, you must visit a professional, obviously.

Can you massage gout away?

I must repeat that massaging a joint during the gout flare is a big NO. You must avoid this at all costs or you will end up with even more damaged tissue inside. On the other side, you should massage the join daily, before and after the attack.

The pressure you need to apply depends on you. Try to find an optimal pressure that will help you, but won’t inflict any pain. Start with low pressure and gradually increase it on a weekly basis.

Besides the obvious, you will have a great time and you will be more relaxed and enjoy more. Gout and massage can be defined as good or bad, depending on when and how you massage yourself. I recommend you to massage only the affected join once per day. Full body massage is beneficial as well and it can help you with uric acid when done by professionals.

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