7 Exercises for Arthritis in Hands – Reduce Your Pain Naturally

Exercises for Arthritis in Hands

Have you ever counted how many times you use your hands for different tasks every day? Almost any day-to-day activity involves the use of hands. But, what will happen when you feel pain in your hands. Arthritis in the hands can cause intense pain in your wrists and finger. Although there are medications for treatment, you can do exercises for arthritis in hands.

Why does arthritis cause pain in your hands?

The cartilage of your joints starts wearing away due to arthritis. It can result in irritation and inflammation of your synovial lining. In a normal condition, this lining has fluid to lubricate and protect your joints. However, the effect on the synovial lining can cause several complications.

The joints of your hands can become stiff and painful for arthritis. While you use your hands for repetitive tasks, the pain will become more intense.

For instance, you may feel discomfort while gripping a bag and typing on a keyboard. Your hands will also lose strength. As your hands become weaker, you may not be able to do your regular tasks easily.

To alleviate pain and other symptoms of arthritis in your hands, you can do exercises. We have made a list of the most effective exercises for arthritis in hands.

Exercises for arthritis in hands

1. Hand clench

  1. Straighten out your fingers and bend your hand slowly into a fist.
  2. Place your thumb on the outer side of your hand.
  3. Retain this position for a few seconds and repeat it at least 10 times a day.
  4. By doing it regularly, your hands will become pain-free.
Hand clench

2. Fingertip touches

  1. Hold up your arms in some relaxed position.
  2. Make sure that your elbows are bent, and your palms face outward.
  3. Bend your index finger slowly downward and touch the thumb.
  4. Restore the finger’s position and do it with other fingers one by one.
  5. Repeat the exercise several times and find the desired result.

3. Finger curl

  1. Keep your fingers close together while holding up your hands.
  2. Bend the middle joints and end of your fingers.
  3. Make sure that the fingertips of your hands have touched your hand’s skin.
  4. Slowly restore the vertical position of your fingers.
  5. Repeat these steps 10 times every day.
finger curl
Source: https://rtpr.com/10-hand-exercises-relieve-arthritis-pain/finger-curls

4. Thumb bend

Several patients with hands arthritis have claimed that they feel pain mostly in the thumbs of their hands. Thus, thumb bending is one of the best exercises for arthritis in the hands.

While bending the thumb across your palm, it has to touch the bottom part of your small finger.

5. Make an O

  1. First, keep your fingers straight and then curve them inward.
  2. Your fingers have to create an O shape.
  3. Hold the position for a certain period and straighten them again.
  4. Repeat the exercise on each of your hands to reduce the stiffness and pain.

6. Finger Spreads

  1. Place your hands on your desk’s surface.
  2. Your palms have to face down, and your fingers need to stretch out properly.
  3. Start with your hands on the surface of the table, palms facing down with fingers stretched out.
Finger Spreads

7. Finger Walking

  1. Choose a flat surface to place your hands on.
  2. Your thumb needs to be slightly away from other fingers.
  3. Now, you can move your index finger up and rest it over to the thumb.
  4. You can do it with every finger and repeat it several times.
  5. When your thumb is in place, you can walk your fingers under the palm.
  6. Return the fingers slowly to the original position.

Exercise equipment for arthritis in hands

You may invest in special equipment to make your hand exercises easier.

Stress ball

Stress balls help you with hand therapy and are made of non-stick fabric. The tear-resistant ball is easy to grip. By using these balls, you can alleviate arthritis symptoms in your hands.

Therapy putty

Therapy putty is something that you can squeeze, stretch, pinch, and twist. You can buy a pack of color-coded therapy putty with the resistance of different levels ranging from firmer to softer ones. You can increase your hand strength with this therapy putty. The putty also helps in controlling your hand muscles.

Grip strengthener

One of the major problems of patients with arthritis is strength deficits. They lose grip strength, and thus, a grip strengthener can be the right choice for them.

With the grip strengthener, your hands need to apply force to pull on the object. It will make your joint health better and prevent several problems, including carpal tunnel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, tennis elbow, and tendonitis.

Best tips for reducing hand arthritis pain

  • Use wider-handled utensils– You can easily grip them without stressing your joints. Thus, make sure that the diameter of everyday items that you use is larger than the standard ones.
  • Avoid using your finger– Use your strong muscles and large joints- While gripping any item, you have to use your fingers. For instance, when you need to close a door, you can use your hip and not your hand.
  • Reduce typing activities– You may need to use your mouse and keyboard for office jobs. However, make sure that they are ergonomic. Moreover, you can use dictation software to reduce your effort for typing something.
  • Wear brace– You can put on a neoprene brace for your thumb and wrist to minimize the pain. You may consult an occupational therapist before buying a brace.

Have you now started doing exercises for arthritis in hands? Our tips will help you best, and you can alleviate your pain naturally.

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