Soap In Bed For Arthritis – Does Soap in Bed Help Arthritis?

soap in bed for arthritis

If you suffer from arthritis, you are likely to explore almost every treatment that exists, be it in factual or theoretical. Why? Arthritis is a very common condition that manifests itself differently among sufferers. The condition is very painful and alleviating the pain and symptoms is a major concern.

There have been arthritis patients that have reported that soap has greatly helped lessen the pain. This may come as a surprise but, this has been said to be effective by many. We detail how soap in bed for arthritis works.

How does soap work for arthritis?

There is not very much scientific and factual information to backup the use of soap in reducing arthritis pain. It is a claim that sounds odd but, people support its effectiveness. Many people have reported that this home remedy trick works like a charm and that it even helps with restless legs and leg cramps. Instead of just using your soap in the shower, if you have arthritis, you may now start thinking about going to bed with it.

So how does it even work? You may ask.

Using the soap offers the following benefits;

1. Mental relief

Generally, you will have fresh and scented soap near you. The idea is usually to take the bar of soap and place it under your bedsheets at the foot of the bed. The scent is said to have an overall psychological impact during sleep and this is said to be comforting. The soothing scent supplied by the soap is said to calm the nerves and with this, you can sleep without pain. Ultimately, the body settles and relaxes.

Some of the best-scented soaps to use are; lavender, jasmine, vanilla, rosemary, valerian, and many more. However, you can use any scented soap of your preference. To calm your body, you must use the soap that you like. Otherwise, there will be an opposing effect and an impossibility to rest.

2. Reduced movement

Many people move a lot as they sleep. If you have arthritis, it can lead to a flare-up. Some forms of arthritis are worsened by even the slightest movements. As the body is not settled in one position, pain may increase. Soap calms the body; hence, you can remain in the same position for a long time.

3. Soap acts as a night variable controller

Even though some people will only think about the scent, having the soap in your bed also means having a sense of control. As you sleep, there are other variables that are at play. These include temperature and light in the room.

These aspects can be automated and/or regulated but it is not always to the maximum. There can be discrepancies. These discrepancies are what may lead to a flare-up. Simply setting the soap under your sheets gives you an assurance that a night’s scent is controlled. This makes it easier to relax.

Some of the ingredients contained in soap are also said to bring a calming effect as the ions are transferred into the nervous system.

Final Thoughts

Do you feel that using soap in bed for arthritis can offer you relief? Well, why don’t you go ahead to give it a try and see if it works. Remember, it is not that it is going to cure your arthritis entirely. Therefore, you need to explore other treatment remedies. Using that bar of soap will not hurt and may just become a life changer.

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