Sunflower Seeds and Gout – Are Sunflower Seeds Bad for Gout?

sunflower seeds and gout

Is something better than sunflower seeds? For most people, this treat is mandatory when watching a movie or spending time at your computer. In general, sunflower seeds are healthy and they can provide numerous health benefits. But, what about sunflower seeds and gout?

There is no need to tell you, a gout sufferer must control his diet to the highest level possible. Although this mostly refers to foods and beverages, snacks and treats have an important role as well. You must control your uric acid, purine intake all in order to control gout attacks. The last thing you want is a painful flare that will last for days.

Medications for gout do exist, but they come with side effects. They are not something you can use all the time. Luckily, a proper diet can decrease the need for painkillers and gout-related drugs.  Basically, foods and beverages will do the same thing as medications but without side effects.

Sunflower seeds are extremely healthy

Before you learn all about sunflower seeds and gout, you need to know the health benefits of this treat. They are excellent for maintaining proper cardiovascular health. This is possible thanks to high levels of vitamin E.

Thanks to magnesium, sunflower seeds affect your mood as well. ¼ of a cup will contain 22% magnesium which directly improves your mood. A related benefit is decreased depression and better sleep.

For women with thyroid problems, sunflower seeds are almost mandatory. They can regulate the hormone production of this gland. Keep in mind that this gland controls your metabolism and countless processes in the body. If it is too active, you will lose weight and feel anxious. If it is underactive, you can gain weight and you will feel tired all the time.

sunflower seeds

Other benefits are related to hair health, bone health, antioxidant properties, brain health and so much more. Believe it or not, this treat is impressive in the terms of health and should be consumed a few times per week.

Sunflower seeds and gout

There is a positive connection between sunflower seeds and gout. A mandatory thing to know is that all foods rich in purines should be avoided. All foods that contain less than 50 mg of purines per 3.5 ounces are safe to eat. Sunflower seeds contain 40 mg making them a bit high but still safe to consume.

Are sunflower seeds bad for gout?

Sunflower seeds are low on oxalic acid so they won’t cause you a gout flare. Try to remember that foods and snacks with high levels of oxalic acid must be avoided if you suffer from gout. Some examples include sesame seeds and pine nuts.

Sunflower seeds are also high in omega 6 fatty acids and as aforementioned vitamin E. When these two are mixed, anti-inflammatory benefits are presented. Sunflower seeds contain 25.000 mg of omega 6 fatty acids which is considered ideal. Too much of these can cause inflammation. Gout is an inflammatory disease, so obviously, anti-inflammatory foods are beneficial.

The ideal amount of sunflower seeds to consume

Ideally, you will consume between mild and moderate amounts of sunflower seeds per week. A small bag or two per week won’t do you any harm and it will provide you impressive health benefits.

Eating sunflower seeds in large quantity isn’t recommended. You can still increase purine intake and oxalic acid which are two things you need to avoid. Try to keep the amounts you consume under control. You might lose your track by eating tons of sunflower seeds.

Don’t expect some major benefits or improvements that are focused on gout. Although this treat is anti-inflammatory and healthy, it won’t decrease uric acid extremely and it won’t protect you completely from a gout attack. In other terms, sunflower seeds are between neutral and mildly beneficial for all gout sufferers. Sunflower seeds and gout can coexist and you can consume them each day or week. The benefits are interesting and factual. Drawbacks and issues will not be present, so you will stay safe from another flare. All you need to do is to consume them in moderation if you can.

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