Gout Back Pain – Can Gout Cause Back Pain?

gout back pain

Can gout cause back pain?

It is extremely rare but it is possible to have gout in your spine. This is known as spinal gout and it affects thousands of people all over the globe. After all, our spine consists of joints so it is reasonable to know that gout may affect it as well. In addition, gout is a generic condition which may affect multiple joints in the body and it may be a huge issue for some of us.

There was a research conducted in 2006, where doctors watched the CT scans of different people. There were 630 participants but only 64 of them had CT scans. What they discovered is that 17% of them had gout in their spine, known as spinal gout. As such, this condition is definitely more than just possible.

Symptoms of gout back pain

Symptoms of the spinal gout are back pain, numbness, and sensation in the back. However, these are just first and the most common symptoms. Sadly, they are not the only ones. Other symptoms may include issues to the nervous system and in rare cases extreme pain. If this happens to you, you won’t be able to move and you will need urgent medical attention. Luckily, this is extremely rare and the chances are low that it will affect some of you during a lifetime.

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Another reason to be concerned about is the epidural infection. This disease has the identical symptoms as spinal gout and it is almost impossible to tell the difference. In order to get the diagnosis, you will need to have a consultation with your doctor. He will have to perform a series of tests in order to determine the actual reason for back pain.

Diagnosing the condition will involve the sacroiliac joint. A doctor will have to inject it with an anesthetic and the steroid compound. He will basically try to achieve a temporary relief. If it is possible, then the spinal gout is the issue. Once again, it is difficult to tell the difference and you will need an excellent doctor in order to determine the real cause of the pain. Mistakes are common here and I personally know a few people who were misdiagnosed.

Spinal gout treatment

The most common and the most effective treatment is the surgery. The sole purpose of it is to relieve the pressure on the spine and therefore eliminate the pain. Some medications have been used for treating the condition but they are not very effective and at the end, all patients must go through the surgery I have just mentioned.

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I must tell you that this condition must be treated immediately or as soon as possible. If left untreated, it is likely to cause the tophi around the spine! This is a major disease which will affect the entire spine and which will affect your ability to stand upright! You will have to get spinal gout sorted before it has reached higher levels of damage causing and you will want to do it quickly. The mentioned surgery is the main alternative, but don’t be afraid of it. It is safe and there won’t be side effects.

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Keep your uric acid levels under control

The best way to avoid all of these is to keep your uric acid levels under control. In order to do so, make sure you have a healthy diet and plenty of physical activity. You will want to avoid foods which are high in purines and which are not recommended for gout sufferers. If you do all of this, the risk of spinal gout will be decreased and the tophi around the spine won’t be a risk. Try to remember that I have recommended countless times which foods must be taken into consideration.

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The final word

If you want to know more about the gout back pain leave a comment below and I will answer as soon as possible. At the moment, all you have to know is that this is a major issue but it can be controlled. There is no need to be a concern and to fear from it. It is just another step in our gout-controlled life.

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