Probiotics and Gout – Can Probiotics Help with Gout?

Probiotics and Gout

Gout management is one way of alleviating the inflammation and pain that comes with the condition. Research continues to be done about probiotics and gout management. There is substantial evidence about how probiotics can help gout sufferers and we offer you all the insights.

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are usually live bacteria and yeasts which work to replenish the “good” bacteria that exist within the digestive tract. The body has good and bad bacteria. If you get an infection, more bad bacteria build up and they can only be eliminated using good bacteria. Probiotics add good bacteria.

Probiotics are contained in fermented foods and drinks or they may be taken in the form of dietary supplements. You can therefore incorporate them in your diet or take supplements; capsules, liquids, and/or powders. Probiotic supplements can be administered with the accompaniment of prebiotics such as pectin, inulin, and resistant starches.

Can probiotics help with gout?

Some of the already completed studies have shown that probiotics are effective for gout treatment. Probiotics have been suggested to reduce inflammation and they also have a hypouricemic effect. This is why they can be used for gout treatment.

Probiotics and gout – The link

Probiotics have been associated with helping gout sufferers through the betterment of purines and uric acid metabolism. The absorption of purines can be reduced by intestinal microbiota. Intestinal microbiota can be managed with probiotic intake. This is ultimately a way through which elevated serum urate can be reversed. Probiotics have been found to improve uric acid metabolism. Uric acid contributes to the development of gout. Probiotics have a hypouricemic effect and this mechanism is associated with the degradation of inosine. Inosine is a uric acid intermediate metabolite.

Probiotics and anti-inflammatory properties

Alongside the lowering of uric acid levels, probiotics are said to offer anti-inflammatory properties. Gout is a condition that develops with inflammation. When probiotics are taken, they target the inflammasome activation and production of gout inflammatory mediators. Diet plays a very major role in the development of gout. This is because it can influence the levels of uric acid that are in circulation. Particularly, diet affects specific pathways of inflammation. The effectiveness of probiotics has been studied and they have been found to reduce body inflammation and improve poor levels of sugar. This is because the beneficial bacteria aid in the modulation of immune responses.

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Probiotics need to be administered as per a physician’s directives and guidelines. This will mostly depend on what the cause of one’s gout is. Gout has other risk factors such as; family history, surgery, particular health conditions, vaccination, age, sex, certain medication, and many more.

The administration of probiotics will depend on one’s symptoms. What works for one person may not be effective for another. A standard minimum dosage would be 50-100 million colony-forming units. A short-term administration of probiotics is effective for the treatment of hyperuricemia and will successfully restore the functions of the kidney. Even though there may be a wide variety of probiotic options available, their intake must be balanced.

Probiotics are best taken on an empty stomach. This is because the main goal is to deliver them to the large intestinal tract. However, some forms of probiotics perform better when taken with food. It is not recommended to take probiotics simultaneously with antibiotics.  

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