Potato Chips and Gout – Are Chips Bad for Gout?

Potato Chips and Gout

You like potato chips and you would like to eat them every single day. But, you have gout. Can potato chips and gout live in harmony? As you would expect, the answer is more complicated than just yes or no. Luckily, a complete answer and all additional elements will be explained to you below.

The goal when suffering from gout is to have a proper diet that is low in purines and that doesn’t elevate the level of uric acid. If you are successful, you won’t get another grout attack and your life quality will be much better. If you are doing the completely opposite, you can expect massive gout attacks and various complications.

Painkillers are effective and they work. But, all of them come with various side effects that must be avoided. Side effects such as nausea, headache, diarrhea, and even more severe symptoms are common. That’s why a proper diet is a much better alternative.

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Potato chips must be avoided if you have gout. There are 3 main reasons for this. The first one is this is processed food and as such, it comes with various ingredients, chemicals, and ‘’additions’’ that are not good for health. Each healthy diet will claim the same and you know that as a gout sufferer, you need to eat only healthy foods.

Secondly, potato chips are carbs that will be transferred into sugar very quickly after digestion. That sugar can spike uric acid and start creating crystals inside the joints. Once this happens, you are looking at a gout flare. Add the fact sugar can help you gain weight (something all gout patients must avoid) and you can understand why this food is simply bad.

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Last but not least, potato chips come with torula yeast or another type of yeast, depending on the manufacturer. Yeast is extremely high in purines that will be converted into uric acid. Once again, this is something you should avoid. Some users have reported that after consuming products with yeast ended with a gout glare that last for days. This happens just a few hours after eating that product.

Are chips bad for gout?

Potato chips are bad for you if you have gout. You can consume them in very small amounts and rarely. Also, make sure to calculate the purine intake of a lunch or meal you had. If everything was low in purines, a few potato chips are fine. If a meal was high in purines, do not consume potato chips.

Homemade potato chips and gout

Homemade potato chips are a bit safe alternative. You know which ingredients you used and you can avoid those with high purine values. Theoretically, you can consume these potato chips more than commercial products, but keep in mind that the first two issues still remain present. This is processed food and it will increase your weight.

Homemade potato chips and gout are something you can try if you really like this treat and you should eat it. Nevertheless, eating too much of it is a big problem. Try to make healthier treats that won’t cause gout flare and make you in pain for days or even weeks.

Healthy snacks you should consume

Potato chips should be avoided in essence. But, there are a few alternatives you are going to like. Nuts are excellent for gout sufferers. They are healthy, delicious and they come in countless forms so you can always find the one that suits you the most.

Fresh fruit is another treat you can consume. Once again, we can see that a healthy diet will recommend as much healthy fruit as you can eat. Pick the one you like and enjoy. There are no limits or worries. Don’t forget about cherries. They are considered the most ‘’powerful’’ food for gout and they come with specific benefits all gout sufferers will need.

Sadly, potato chips and gout cannot live in the same body. All you can get are pain, weight gain, and other complications. Homemade potato chips are a slightly better option, but still should be avoided. Opt for nuts and fresh fruit. These are the ultimate snacks and foods that can help you manage gout while enjoying eating them.

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