Parsley And Gout – Is Parsley Good For Gout?

parsley and gout

Parsley is one of the best plants for all people. It comes with so many health benefits and so many healthy ingredients that I cannot list all of them. Parsley and gout are obviously linked, or better said this plant will affect your gout and help you overcome it.

Believe or not, this plant has been used for 2.000 years as the main addition to the salads, dressings and etc. But before that, it was used as a medicine. It is native to the Mediterranean area of Europe and this is the place where the plant has been commonly used. There are several reasons why this plant is so special. First of all, it is rich in vitamins such as A, K, B12 and C. It also has magnesium and potassium. All of this but no calories. Actually, you get 3 calories on 2 tablespoons of the plant.

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Is parsley good for gout?

The main connection to know is that this plant should be consumed as often as possible. It is an alkaline-effect food so it can have a positive effect on the pH levels of the body. It is also the best way that will get all the toxins flushed from the body. Basically, the plant will help us detoxify the body and remove the toxins through urine. Of course, this means that you will visit the bathroom more often than usual and you will have to consume more water than usual.

I am writing about parsley in general. Despite the fact there are two main types, curly and Italian parsley, these benefits refer to both of them, so it is irrelevant which type you use. All you have to know is that you will be ready to consume parsley as much as possible and to get as many health benefits as needed.

By removing toxins and promoting kidney function, you will basically remove uric acid from the blood. This is probably the best and the main effect regarding the plant in question and also the main advantage it offers. It also has magnesium, which is great for us gout suffers and parleys will help you meet your daily recommendations.

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Is parsley the ultimate cure for gout?

Some of you may have heard that the plant contains apigenin, which is a type of flavonoid. It has been linked with the xanthine oxidase or XO. This is an enzyme that converts purines into the uric acid which causes gout. On us, gout sufferers, this enzyme runs more powerfully and it is available in bigger amounts than usual. The mentioned flavonoid will decrease the effect of the enzyme. Basically, it reacts the same as allopurinol. There have been several studies regarding the matter and all of them look promising. Who knows, soon parsley may be used as a permanent cure for gout.

I also want to share that parsley has another flavonoid which acts on the same way but in a lower level than the first one here. Combined, they actually decrease uric acid and helps us with the managing process. So now is the right time to start consuming parsley as often as possible. This is one of those plants that has no drawbacks, and all you are going to get are positive sides.

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Parsley supplements do exist

I have discovered that many people don’t like the taste or the odor of parsley. This is a strong plant that has a strong taste and a unique one. As such, it cannot be consumed by all of you. If you are one of those who hate the taste, you should use parsley supplements.

They do exist and they are more than just appealing. First of all, they are excellent in offering all the benefits as true parsley offers. On the other hand, they come without the taste and the odor parsley has.

There are a lot of different types and subtypes out there but all of them operate in the same way and all of them offer the same benefits. At the end of a day, parsley or parsley supplements should be consumed as often as possible.

The final word

The main connection between parsley and gout is strong and you will have to appreciate it. This plant is probably one of the most effective and the most powerful plants for fighting gout and also one of the most effective ones. It is loaded with positive sides and it has a lot of benefits to give us. Regardless of the fact are you a gout sufferer or no, parsley should be consumed. If you really hate the taste, there are parsley supplements on the market which will do the same thing and they are an excellent choice as well. I tried most of them and I can tell you that they are just perfect.

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