Oranges And Gout – Are Oranges Good For Gout?

orange and gout

All of us, gout suffers like consuming a fruit or two every now and then. The list of the fruits cannot be generalized because it is a personal matter. On the other hand, we have some fruits that must be avoided. What about oranges? Oranges and gout have been linked in several studies, but still, there is no a definite answer. Something I will provide here.

Are oranges good for gout?

In the lack of a better word, oranges should be avoided. There is only one situation when this fruit can be consumed and I will explain it below. For now, all you have to know is that oranges must be eliminated from the diet. Yes, some fruits are beneficial for gout suffers and they offer a lot of minerals and vitamins, so they are perfect. However, oranges are not some of them. They are rich in fructose, which is the main reason why you will have to avoid them.

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There have been several studies which show that oranges are bad for gout sufferers. In the mentioned studies, participants consumed oranges daily, while other groups consume once a month. What they discovered is that people who consumed oranges frequently were in a higher risk of developing gout! Those who consumed it once a month wasn’t at the higher risk.

orange tree

There is the explanation regarding the fruit in question and gout. You should avoid it if you want to keep yourself away from gout. Keep in mind that there is no need to pay attention to different types of oranges or the fact are they organic or not. Basically, all of them have the same, side effect and all of them must be eliminated from your diet. I know, this is the sad truth. I personally love oranges, but I can’t consume them.

One situation when oranges are beneficial

As I have mentioned earlier, there is one situation when oranges are beneficial. This is the case during a gout attack. We all know that during a gout attack, uric acid levels are higher than usual and the crystal in the joints are formed. Some fruits like oranges and lemons will decrease the result of the gout attack and provide you a relief.

Nevertheless, I personally believe that lemons are a much better alternative than oranges. After all, they are healthy as well, but they don’t have the mentioned side effects.

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Orange juice must be avoided as well

Some of you will believe that orange juice is a safe way to get the taste and odor of oranges. Well, this isn’t the truth. As a matter of fact, orange juice is an even worse issue. Unless it is homemade juice without any sweeteners, it will contain ingredients which will increase the level of uric acid and the risk of a gout attack. Once again, this was confirmed by a study, so the results are accurate and you should keep them into consideration.

Of course, a glass or orange juice, which is made at home, by you isn’t so dangerous. I like drinking it sometimes, but I never consume the one I can find in a grocery store. It is too rich with ingredients that are bad for gout. The situation is the same if you have higher chances of developing gout. This type of juice must be avoided as well.

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Sadly, oranges and gout are not good when linked in the same case scenario. I know that this is a huge disappointment for some of you, but as you all know, we, gout sufferers must pay a close attention to the foods we consume and beverages we drink. Oranges are simply something we will have to live without. If you want to know something specific, leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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