Mango and Gout – Is Mango Good for Gout?

mango and gout

Almost all fruits are beneficial or neutral at least when it comes to gout sufferers. In simple terms, you can consume most types of fruits as much as you like. The accent is on most types! Some fruits can be consumed in small amounts only, while some must be avoided at all costs. So what about mango and gout?

At first sight, mango looks like the ideal fruit for gout. It is very popular, sweet, and delicious. It is healthy as well, so you can get all kinds of additional benefits. Sadly, nothing is easy or simple for gout sufferers.

A real story of the link and the effects between gout and mango is relatively simple but there are still a few things you will need to memorize before eating as much mango as you can. After all, your ultimate goal is to stay safe and to prevent gout flare rather than to cause one.

Mango and gout link

Gout sufferers can consume mango. This fruit comes with anti-inflammatory properties so you will benefit from eating a mango or two per week. Most of these properties are located in the leaves of the fruit so it is the healthiest part.

The opposite side comes as a result of fructose. Mango is very sweet and loaded with fructose. As a gout patient, you should know that fructose can be dangerous for gout. When our body breaks it down, purines are released. High amounts of purines will significantly increase the level of uric acid and we all know what that means.

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The situation is the same with mango juice as well. It is loaded with fructose as well so it does the same thing. Mango is not the only fruit high in fructose so keep that in mind.

Mango can help you with swellings. If you have a gout flare right now, you can rub raw mango on the affected joint. It will decrease swelling within minutes which can ease the pain. It speeds up wound healing but there are no records that this benefit is available for gout sufferers.

Is mango good for gout?

You can consume mango in moderation. Eating it a few times per week will be beneficial but won’t cause any problems. Eating it every single day, in massive amounts can be harmful to your gout. As always moderation is a big part of any gout diet.

Health benefits mango has to offer

Now when you know all about mango and gout link, let’s discuss other benefits the fruit in question has to offer. The first one is its effect on acne. Mango pulp can be used to eliminate sebum and unclog the pores on the skin which will therefore eliminate acne.

Mango can help you with diarrhea as well. You will need mango seed powder for this purpose. It will retain the fluids inside the body and help you with bowel control.

Did you know that mango also have aphrodisiac properties? It has been used for this purpose in various parts of the world for centuries. Men have used it to treat premature ejaculation and to increase stamina during sex. You will need a ripe mango and you need to consume it once per day for a month. This is safe even if you suffer from gout.

Other benefits include help with weight gain and with anorexia (fear of gaining weight). For these two applications, a person should consume 1 or 2 mangos before breakfast every day.

Mango options you have at your disposal

Yes, mango in raw form is the best and the most common option you have. It is also the highest recommended of all other forms available. But, you still should know about other options available.

There is mango juice, which is highly appealing and you should drink it occasionally. Then you have mango papad which can be an ideal choice for some but not for all. Mango seed powder is best for treating diarrhea. Mango capsules are beneficial but not necessary, especially not for gout sufferers. The bottom line when it comes to mango and gout, raw fruit is the best option.

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