Indomethacin for Gout – Why Is Indomethacin Preferred for Gout?

Indomethacin and gout

What to do when you suffer from gout? You can give up and have painful attacks every day. Do you want that? Of course not. I suffer from gout as well and I have been crossing the planet Earth and all the corners of it to find remedies, medications, treatments and anything else that may work.

I must admit that medications are still the most popular treatment. I do not like them, but use them when I must. The reason is actually simple.

Once I asked a pharmacologist what is the safest medication in the world and he replied, ‘’there is no such thing’’. After research, I realized that every single medication has drawbacks and side effects.

Does all of what I have mentioned till now refer to indomethacin and gout? As always, the answer is more complicated than you may believe, so I will need a few words to explain it.

What is indomethacin?

Indomethacin is a medication used to treat various conditions by relieving the pain. It doesn’t affect the condition itself, but rather the chemicals that are produced by the body in the joint and cause the inflammation. Less of that substance means less pain!

The medication has been used for treating gout, arthritis in general, tendonitis and many other conditions. It is useful and desirable because it also decreases joint stiffness and swelling besides the pain.

It is known as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug or for those who like acronyms NSAID medication. The medication itself is commonly used by gout sufferers and it is very effective. It isn’t a magical potion but it does help.

Indomethacin for gout

Indomethacin is a similar medication as naproxen and ibuprofen but more powerful. It directly affects the prostaglandins which are compounds our body normally produces and which cause inflammation and also fever.

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Yes, this means that you can use Indomethacin to treat fever, and it is actually one of the main purposes of this medication. Anyway, more on the main topic.

More precisely, the medication in question will decrease the cyclooxygenase 1 and 2 that directly produce prostaglandins. When they have decreased, the inflammation in joints will decrease and you are free from a gout attack, as simple as that.

This medication has been with us since 1965 and the FDA approved it on January the same year. It is a successful treatment for gout and arthritis among other conditions. Indomethacin and gout have been linked almost a few decades ago.

This isn’t a medication you can find in any pharmacy and get it today. You will need a prescription from a doctor. While having a check, make sure to explain all the medical history of yourself, any links with asthma and heart condition alongside kidney diseases.

I must point out that like every other medication there are possible side effects. Luckily, most of them are minor. The side effects include diarrhea, vomiting, rash, headache, and drowsiness. This is present in around 2% of gout sufferers who use Indomethacin.

Indomethacin and gout are more common than ever before. More people suffer from gout and more will need this medication to treat the condition and make sure pain is manageable.

Indomethacin dosage for gout

You should take Indomethacin 2 or 3 times per day and you will need to use the lowest dosage that is effective. Even children can take this medication but in their case, the dosage is based on the weight. The dosages available are 50-200 mg and each patient should start with 50 mg if that is applicable.

Take it with water but if you notice any discomfort in the stomach, take it with milk or fresh orange juice. Do not lie down 10 minutes after you took the medication.


Indomethacin and gout are something you have experienced at some point and something you will experience in the future, sadly. I have been taking this medication for a long time and I can report that the positive sides are much bigger than the side effects which I didn’t have.

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