Hot Dogs and Gout – Are Hot Dogs Bad for Gout?

hot dogs and gout

It is a known fact that one of the contributing factors to gout development is diet. Certain foods, particularly those with high purine content can lead to gout flare-ups. Other foods will contribute to gout due to the increase of weight gain. With this, what you eat will significantly determine if you are at a high risk of developing gout or not.

Hot dogs are a favorite among many and are also very easy to fix. Even with the convenience they offer, they may be the ones that will eventually cause or worsen your gout. Crazy, right? If you are curious about how hot dogs and gout are associated, read on.

Are hot dogs bad for gout?

Hot dogs will typically be made from meat such as pork and beef and a bun. They may also contain some organ meats. Frequent consumption of hot dogs can lead to gout. The products that are used to make hot dogs are high in purines.

The body produces uric acid for their digestion. Since the purines are in high content, the uric acid produced will also be in large amounts. When this uric acid crystallizes in your joints, then gout develops. The crystals have sharp points that will lead to inflammation and ultimately, unbearable pain.

The shelf life of hot dogs will be extended using preservatives and additives are also used. These can trigger allergic reactions to worsen symptoms of gout. Hot dogs may be made from products that are high in saturated fats. When heated, these fats turn rancid and in turn destroy Vitamin E reserves in the body. This may cause the body to produce excess uric acid into the blood, increasing the risk of gout.

Hot dogs and gout

Gout is a form of arthritis that is accompanied by inflammation on one’s joints to cause a lot of pain. Mostly, it affects the big toe joint but other joints that may be affected are the knees, elbows, ankles, and fingers. When you suffer from gout, it is an indication that your body has a very high build-up of uric acid within the joints. Uric acid is a purine breakdown by-product.

Purines are compounds present in specific foods but they are also formed by the body. Foods and drinks that are rich in purines include; red meat, poultry, alcohol, fructose-rich drinks, game foods, sea food, high-sugar carbs like white bread, organ meats such as liver, tongue, tripe, kidneys, and many more. Some purines are unhealthy but some are also healthy.

Avoiding purine consumption is almost impossible and therefore, the intake should be done in moderation. Knowing that purines can cause a gout attack, it is only sensible that we reduce the intake of very high purine content foods. This will evidently lessen gout chances.

Final Thoughts

The key to gout prevention and management is watching what you eat. Many food varieties contain high contents of purine which is the main contributing factor to gout development. Consuming hot dogs and gout outcomes are closely akin. Therefore, as you even eat your favorite ho tdog, do so with moderation to keep gout away.

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