Grapefruit and Gout – Is Grapefruit Good for Gout?

grapefruit and gout

We know that you are a gout sufferer. You are reading this, hence deducing the obvious isn’t difficult. If you are a newbie, you probably know a few things about gout attacks and you will want to keep them away. A proper diet can help you with that. Today’s topic will be all about grapefruit and gout.

Grapefruit is one of the best fruits out there and one of the most popular among people. It is delicious, easy to get, and beneficial. But, how it affects gout? The answer is slightly more complicated than you may believe.

Health benefits of grapefruit

Before we move to grapefruit and gout section, it is worth mentioning a few health benefits of this fruit. Grapefruit is rich in Vitamin C which offers antioxidant properties. It is rich in Vitamin A which protects your body from inflammation and some diseases. In general, grapefruit boosts your immune system.

Grapefruit is rich in fiber meaning it will keep you full for longer. This perk is effective for people who want to manage their weight. There are 2 grams of fiber in one half of grapefruit (medium in size).

Other benefits include the ability to decrease the risk of kidney stones thanks to citric acid present in the fruit. It ‘’destroys’’ calcium oxalate and prevents build-up. Grapefruit helps you with maintaining proper heart health thanks to potassium and other minerals. It will also assist you in managing cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Grapefruit and gout connection

Yes, there is a clear link between grapefruit and gout. The main reason is the fact it is loaded with vitamin C. One cup will contain 71 mg of this vitamin, which is 120% of the recommended, daily dosage. Vitamin C reduces the level of uric acid and therefore the risk of a gout flare.

Grapefruit can protect you from kidney stones. This issue is known to cause a higher risk from a gout attack in people. Grapefruit is rich in antioxidants that eliminate free radicals. These can cause damage to your body, including joints! 

Keep in mind that there is a different side of the story. Grapefruit can damage your teeth due to high levels of citric acid. This issue is known as tooth enamel erosion. One, even bigger issue with grapefruit is its effect on certain medications.

Medications such as Immunosuppressants, Indinavir, Carbamazepine, calcium channel blockers, and statins (not all of them) are connected to grapefruit. The fruit will make these more potent and increase blood levels. This happens because the fruit contains a compound which will neutralize certain chemical in the intestine needed to break down the drug properly.

Painkillers, drugs that are usually consumed by all gout sufferers at some point are affected by grapefruit as well. This may have a negative effect on the pain you are trying to eliminate or give you more pronounced side effects of that particular drug. It is important to add grapefruit affects medications such as valium, Xanax, invirase, and medications for controlling blood pressure.

red grapefruit

Is grapefruit juice good for gout?

The situation is the same when it comes to grapefruit juice. It offers the same perks, but the same risk. Some experts claim that this juice is even more problematic with the aforementioned issues.

Is grapefruit good for gout?

Yes, you should and can consume grapefruit and drink juice if you are a gout sufferer. Benefits are impressive and the risk from the attack will be decreased. You can consume/drink as much as you like.

But, if you are taking any medications mentioned earlier, do not consume grapefruit or drink juice for a couple of days. The most important thing to remember is that if you are taking painkillers for a gout flare, avoid this fruit. Once the pain is gone and a medication isn’t in your system anymore, eat grapefruit.

Consult your doctor regarding the grapefruit and medications you are taking. Some drugs react badly with the fruit while others don’t, despite the fact they are members of the same group and they are almost identical!

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