Gout and Glucosamine – Can Glucosamine Help Treat Gout?

glucosamine and gout

Gout and glucosamine are usually mentioned in the same sentence and it is believed that this chemical is more than just essential for us, gout sufferers. Is this a true or just another illusion, I will explain right here.

Glucosamine: Basics

Glucosamine is basically a chemical which is made out of sugar, which is important for our joints, more precisely for our cartilage. It helps build it, maintain it in a proper health and also make repairs faster and better. This chemical was used in many studies related to arthritis and similar diseases, but it was never used in a study with gout.

The chemical in question is naturally found in our body and it is being produced inside it as well. Furthermore, with age, this chemical level will decrease, so this is one of the reasons why older people have joints which are prone to inflammation, which are not as healthy as you may wonder.

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Gout and glucosamine

Gout and glucosamine are neutral if we combine them, so there is no need to use this chemical or supplements if you are planning to make your life quality better. If you suffer from gout, it is important to spend more time on diet and exercise than on glucosamine.

Glucosamine supplement

Glucosamine is a natural chemical which is also present in shellfish and it can be purchased as a supplement. An interesting fact is that in the United States, this is the second most popular supplement. The first one is fish oil. So, all of this means that taking these supplements is more than just beneficial for gout sufferers. But, this isn’t the whole story.

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As I have mentioned there are no studies which prove glucosamine helps with gout, but there were some researches which proved that this chemical is needed for all people suffering from arthritis. In a nutshell, glucosamine is needed chemical but it doesn’t actually help our body recover its joints when taken as a supplement. Yes, it isn’t something you should avoid, but there is no actual evidence that this chemical helps in recovering cartilage. This is basically a cushioning tissue all around our joints, so you can get an idea why and how much it is important for people.

Can glucosamine help treat gout?

At the end of a day, I must say that there is no need to take these supplements. They are not effective in gout prevention and they won’t reduce the risk of a gout attack. Basically, they are neutral in a fight versus gout and they don’t have any other effect on the joints or any other part of the body. It simply means that taking the supplements in question won’t help you with gout nor you will notice any type of improvement.

But taking these supplements isn’t bad either. You are free to take them accordingly if you want and they won’t cause any side effects. The chemical in question is low on purines and it is known that it doesn’t affect gout. Sadly you won’t get any benefits, but you won’t make your gout any worse, so it is up to you to decide are you interested in taking the supplement in question.

A far more important matter is not to forget that supplements are just an addition to your diet, so they should be used correspondingly, not as a substitute for a food or foods. In a nutshell, you are free to use glucosamine but do not make any other adjustments to your diet plan, just because you take the supplement in question.

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