Gout and Chanca Piedra – Does Chanca Piedra Work for Gout?

chanca piedra and gout

Gout is a constant struggle to have a day without an attack and to keep that uric acid as low as possible. Literally everything that can help us is a good thing and it should be used. Everything that can spike the uric acid must be avoided.

I have a diet that consists only of the foods and herbs that are safe for gout and that don’t have any effect on the condition. I recommend you follow the same thing and you will be fine.

However, in the recent period, one herb intrigued my attention. It is known as chanca piedra and it has wonderful properties on paper. But, how it actually helps us, gout sufferers? Let me explain.

Here, I will provide the links and effects between gout and chanca piedra. There are some interesting properties and some appealing things you should consider after reading this article.

What is chanca piedra?

Chanca piedra is also known as Phyllanthus niruri and it is a plant that grows in Amazon. It is mostly present in the areas of Peru and Brazil and it is one of the most powerful plants there. It is also known as ‘’stonebreaker’’.

The plant has been used in Ayurvedic for centuries and for two main reasons. It is effective in treating kidney stones and keeping the process of liver correct and work as they should.

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The medicine itself has been used in some parts of the globe for centuries primarily to treat stomach problems, liver and kidney issues and also bladder issues. Rarer applications include treatments for hepatitis and jaundice.

There are several studies that have shown the effects of the herb on the humans. The first one followed 150 people with kidney stones for 6 months, and all of those who took the herb reduced the size of their kidney stones.

Another study proved that the plant decreased the risk of kidney stones and actually interfered with several stages during which kidney stones are actually formed.

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Does chanca piedra work for gout?

Yes, you should start to add chanca piedra to your diet from today. The main reason is its effect to the liver and kidneys. First of all, the herb will help you decrease the risk of kidney stones and also interfere with the processes that cause them in the first place.

Another reason why the plant is so special is the ability to promote kidney and liver health. In other words, you will increase the urine product. This leads to better filtration of the blood and lower level of uric acid.

Gout and chanca piedra are more connected than it may look like. According to one study conducted in India, the herb affects the bile secretion, a process that occurs inside a liver. When the herb is consumed, it will promote nutrient absorption but at the same time, it will increase the toxin removal from the body.

How to take chanca piedra

Gout and chanca piedra coexist in an interesting way. First of all, you will get all sorts of benefits and you will be less likely to increase uric acid levels. I believe you have memorized this earlier. The question of this section is how to take the pant?

Most of you probably live in an area where chanca piedra is unavailable in most forms. What this means is that you cannot find it in fresh plant form, so you are kinda limited.

chanca piedra

The solution is to take chanca piedra supplements. They are easy to find literally anywhere in the world and they may offer a bit less helpful ingredients than the plant itself, but you will get the benefits on your liver and kidney systems, which is actually what you do need.

Another way you can consume the herb is by drinking the tea. It isn’t very sweet, so you may want to add a bit of honey (more about honey and gout here). Avoid plain kitchen sugar! Talk to your doctor about specifics if you are on medications. The bottom line is simple. Yes, you should know all about gout and chanca piedra links and, yes you can use this plant in your advantage.

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