Gout and Cereal – Best Cereal for Gout

cereal and gout

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We all know this and I believe you have been using this rule for ages. The situation is the same for all gout sufferers out there, with a few additional facts.

Gout sufferers need to look for the foods they consume during breakfast. Some are bad. The best example is sausage and bacon. They come from pig meat so, avoid them at all costs.

This brings us to gout and cereal. After all, most of us love cereals for breakfast and most of us will enjoy eating them every single day. So, should you eat it? The answer isn’t very straightforward.

Health benefits of cereals

The first thing I must say is that cereals do offer some health benefits but they are minor.  This isn’t the food you should consume daily in order to live long and prosper.

However, there are some advantages. It depends on the brand and the product itself but most of the packages offer the same list of health benefits.

For example, cereals are good for the heart and they can help your nervous system. Then we can see the digestion benefits. All cereals are easy to digest which means, you won’t feel bloated or full for a long time.

Cereals will also control the sugar level in the blood. They are known for purifying properties and they are anti-carcinogenic. This simply means that they can protect you from cancer.

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Cereals can be used for treating bad cholesterol. They are low on fat and high in fiber. All of this suggests that you will feel full when you eat less. Although none of these benefits is directly linked to gout and cereal, there are a few things I must discuss.

ripened cereals
ripened cereals

Is cereal bad for gout?

No, you can consume cereal even if you suffer from gout. As a matter of fact, you can consume cereals on a daily basis and there won’t be any issues.

Sadly, this isn’t the complete answer I can provide. Cereal may contain artificial chemicals, colors, and additives. All of them are bad for your health and all of them should be avoided. Furthermore, these compounds can decrease the positive effects of folic acid, vitamin B, and also fiber.

The solution is to look for whole grain cereal. These products are the best and the most beneficial. They can also help you with inflammation and we all know that gout is an inflammatory disease.

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Whole grain cereal is also rich in manganese, magnesium, and dietary fiber. At the same time, you can get protection from the aforementioned diseases and conditions.

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Look for sugar level. Some cereal will have too much of it and they are not a great choice for us, gout sufferers. The best way to get an accurate reading is to take a look at the ingredient chart at the back of a product.

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The bottom line here I can add is that gout and cereal can be mixed when you make the right choice. You won’t spike uric acid, you won’t have a massive intake of purines and you won’t get an increased risk of developing a gout attack.

Best cereal for gout

To find the best alternative, you will need to look at the ingredient chart, as previously mentioned. Here you need to pay close attention to two main factors. First of all, you need to see rice, wheat, barley, and oats as the first ingredients.

Also, look for the word whole mentioned there. What which suggest is that the cereal contains whole wheat ingredients and it is safe for gout sufferers. If rice, oats and similar ingredients are mentioned at the bottom, avoid that product.

All products must list the ingredients they have starting from the most and moving to the least. In addition, pay attention to the word whole. If it is mentioned at the front, but isn’t available at the back of the packaging, move to the next product.

If you choose properly, you will be able to mix and match gout and cereal as long as you like without any side effects.

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