Gout And Canola Oil – Is Canola Oil Bad For Gout?

canola oil and gout

I must begin by telling you that not all is black and white when it comes to gout and treatments. Some foods or oils are advertised as great, healthy and superb for gout patients but they are far from that.

Although it is impossible to generalize the matter, I personally believe that natural products are much, much better than artificial or genetically designed ones. After all, Mother Nature is an expert in offering us all we need.

This brings us to the next question. The link between gout and canola oil. Should you use the oil in question as a gout treatment or should you use it as a prevention of the gout attacks? The answer is no, you should not use the oil ever.

Canola oil basics

Canola oil is genetically designed and made oil that comes from Canada. The name is actually delivered from Can (from Canada) and also word ola, which is chosen due to similarity with oil. When we combine the two we get canola oil.

The oil comes from a plant known as rapeseeds and it is processed in so many ways that the natural properties are eliminated. The resources are paired with a toxic compound known as hexane and then the entire mixture is processed using methods such as neutralizing, bleaching, adding chemicals and also adding scent.

canola oil

Even worse is the fact this oil cannot withstand a lot of time on the shelves. It oxidizes very quickly. To prevent that, ‘’scientists’’ add compounds such as BHA, BHT, and TBHQ among the others. All you have to remember is that all of these are bad for your health.

According to the FDA, all of those ingredients are safe to use in small amounts. But, let me ask you something. Do you want to use the same oil that is used for making candles and insecticides? Of course, you don’t. As such you can deduce that gout and canola oil must not be linked together in any way.

Is canola oil bad for gout?

By now, you know all the bad things of canola oil. Are there any advantages you may ask? No, I believe there are no benefits. The situation is even worse if we take a look at the gout patients.

One study conducted by the Environmental Sciences Europe proved that canola oil has a negative effect on the liver and kidneys. For gout sufferers, this means that you won’t be able to remove the large amounts of uric acid and you can expect a gout attack any time soon.

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Another study proved that canola oil is risky and it causes heart and kidney conditions, especially a disease called Keshan disease. Although this isn’t related to gout, I had to share the fact!

There is one more drawback of the canola oil. It has omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids in a 2:1 ratio. This is bad simply because it increases inflammation. Gout is an inflammation-based disease so basically, you will increase the risk of spreading gout and attacks. Gout and canola oil are not you want to mention in the same sentence!

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I must add that if you suffer from high blood pressure or someone in the family has it, you must avoid the canola oil completely!

Canola oil alternatives

In order to help your body fight gout, you need to avoid canola oil as much as possible. The best choice is to avoid all the meals and foods that contain it even in microscopic amounts. Luckily, you can use alternatives I found more than just interesting.

The best of the oil is extra virgin olive oil. It is completely natural and it has a positive effect on the inflammation. The best part is the ability to use it for your salads and cooking. The end result will always be great. This oil also has countless other health benefits and advantages.

The final word is that gout and canola oil should not be linked together in any possible form. Avoid this oil at all cost and make sure to use the alternative I have mentioned above. It can promote gout and contribute to the next gout attack, meaning it is something you must avoid, period.

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