Gout And Artichokes – Are Artichokes Bad For Gout?

artichokes and gout

Gout is one of those conditions we have to go through, period. A good thing is that there are countless studies out there, trying to finally find a cure and treatment. At the moment, all we can do is to manage pain and avoid gout attacks.

To do that, you will need to know about the foods that are safe and that can be consumed without any risk of spiking the uric acid levels and you know what’s next.

Today, I will be focused on gout and artichoke. This popular fruit is commonly used all over the world and some of us love it. But, the real question is it safe for gout patients? Yes, you can eat artichoke and I will explain all you need to know.

Artichoke: All you should remember

Artichoke has been one of the main ingredients in the Mediterranean diet for so long. It is one of those fruits we can’t stop eating once we start and one of those that comes with wonderful properties.

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There are plenty of minerals, vitamins and important nutrients in artichoke and when combined, they will have a wonderful effect on your body and mind. Most health experts recommend adding artichoke to the diet as soon as possible and eating them indefinitely.

One of the main advantages of the fruit is the fact, it contains the best antioxidant content in the world when compared to all other fruits. One cup of the hearts will give you 3.559 mmol of antioxidant content. The second-best on the list is cranberries followed by pecans.

Artichoke is the fruit extremely beneficial for overall health. It should be consumed daily in order to help you feel better and get all sorts of protection. For example, cancer protection.

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Other benefits include heart protection, the ability to boost the immune system and also to boost overall health. Yes, there is a special advantage considering gout and it is my next section.

Are artichokes bad for gout?

Artichoke is probably one of the most powerful fruits, you should consume if you suffer from gout. The main advantage refers to uric acid production. Artichoke contains chemicals and compounds that control and regulate the production of this acid.

The second reason why artichoke is the fruit for gout sufferers is the presence of fiber and vitamin C. Both of these come in massive amounts and they are followed by potassium, vitamin A, biotin, thiamin, folic acid, manganese and so much more.

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When combined with other foods and diets, artichoke can have an amazing effect on gout. First of all, they will make sure you get a regular stool. They will boost metabolism and they will help you lose weight which is something all gout patients should do if they are obese of course.

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Artichoke also boosts the processes inside the liver and can help you remove toxins from the body quicker and with more success. This is a relatively new claim and there are no a lot of studies proving it.

Gout and artichoke definitely should coexist in every patient and the help this fruit can provide to us is at the top of the list. The best part is, you can eat as much as you like.


How to use artichoke for treating gout?

This is fruit and as such, you can eat them raw. This is probably the best way to get all the nutrients, vitamins and compounds I have mentioned above. Of course, you can get similar effects by drinking juice or taking supplements.

Special attention must be focused on seed artichoke supplements. They are proven to promote liver function. The same things apply to the food supplements made from the fruit.

There are a lot of interesting recipes that involve artichoke out there. You will get a delicious meal with useful ingredients you need to decrease the risk of the gout attack. The bottom line here is that gout and artichoke should be paired daily. If you have been suffering from gout, you need to include artichoke into your diet and you should do it in order to get all sorts of benefits and to get help with controlling the uric acid production.

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