DMSO for Gout – What are the Effects of DMSO on Gout?

DMSO for Gout

The traditional drugs that are meant to relieve gout pain are associated with some intense side effects. Most of these medications also tend to address the root problem of gout; the uric acid build-up, and not specifically the remaining painful symptoms.

Due to this, gout sufferers often opt to incorporate natural remedies for the treatment of gout symptoms. Natural remedies are used alongside other treatments. One of these natural treatments is the use of DMSO for gout. We look at its efficiency and administration.

DMSO for Gout

Gout is an inflammatory category of arthritis that is often characterized by a painful, swollen, red, and hot joint. It will mostly tend to affect the big toe but, it also affects other body joints. Gout usually results from high levels of uric acid being present in the bloodstream. With excessive uric acid that is not eliminated, urate crystals form around a joint to cause pain.

DMSO is a paper-making by-product and is found in a particular wood substance. It is a colorless liquid that appears to be slightly oily. It has been used over the years to treat arthritis, gout, and other joint pain. DMSO can also help with the absorption of other drugs. Today, you can find DMSO supplements, injections, gels, and creams.

What are the effects of DMSO on gout?

DMSO is used for gout, having been explored as an anti-inflammatory agent. For gout, DMSO is typically used to reduce inflammation. You should always dilute DMSO before use with distilled water.

For most of the conditions, it functions better when it is in concentrations of between 70-90 %. You can therefore use 70% DMSO and dilute with 30% distilled water. You can also use 90% DMSO and dilute with 10% distilled water. Rub it on the affected area each 2-6 hours a day.


For use, DMSO is directly applied to the skin where you are experiencing pain. You can use a cotton ball, swab, or fingers for application. Several authorities have suggested for DMSO to be dabbed on the affected area, but rubbing has proved to improve the time of absorption by up to 50%.

A typical DMSO application is 1-3 teaspoons and you can find it in health stores or you may purchase it from online store retailers. DMSO is available without a prescription. Many people report DMSO to bring about a garlic-like taste and breath and body odor.

Since it is used topically for gout, it is mostly safe. However, it can also cause side effects such as dry skin and skin reactions for some people. Because it readily penetrates the skin, it may carry impurities into the body. It needs to be applied with clean hands and tools.

Final Thoughts

If you have been suffering from gout with a series of very painful symptoms, then you might need to try out DMSO for gout. It has been shown to help with this inflammatory arthritis safely and effectively.

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