Devil’s Claw for Gout – Can Devil’s Claw Help with Gout?

gout and devil's claw

Gout can definitely become a challenge. It can never be healed, so your only option is to keep it under control. Gout attacks will gain in intensity, so you will inevitably have to increase the painkiller dosage as well.

It took me months to get used to the idea of gout. It kicks in slowly, so you realize you have it when it is too late already. Attacks can be quite harsh and will neutralize you for hours if they are too intense. Apart from painkillers, I thought about trying a more natural approach too.

The power of plants is hard to describe in words. People centuries ago had no medication, so they relied on plants. I thought – what do I have to lose? Based on some research I made online, it seems gout and devil’s claw might be a good combo to keep the affection under control.

So, what should you know about this plant?

What is devil’s claw?

Devil’s claw is usually harvested from South Africa. The plant has been used in the local culture for hundreds of years. It was mostly used to help the digestion, but also to reduce inflammation and painful sensations in the joints.

Whether it comes to hip, knee or lower back pains, devil’s claw has positive effects in the long run. Even when brought to Europe in the 1700s, the plant was known to have anti inflammatory properties. It became a treatment for arthritis in multiple countries, so there must be something good about it.

In fact, in Germany, devil’s claw is approved as a medicine and does not require a prescription. It is practically a healthy supplement. I thought I have nothing to lose if I give it a try, especially as my painkiller dosage kept going up.

devil's claw

Can devil’s claw help with gout?

Devil’s claw is proven to work against arthritis and gout is a type of arthritis. If only I knew this before I ended up with gout… It is great in prevention, but it will also ameliorate the pains and keep the affection under control.

Do not get me wrong – the evidence is low and insignificant. However, if hundreds of thousands of people have used this plant for arthritis over hundreds of years, there must be something good about it. According to some studies, devil’s claw is as efficient as particular drugs against inflammation.

How long does it take to see some effects? I guess it depends from one person to another, not to mention the severity of gout. For example, some studies report beneficial effects after 10 days, while others claim on more than a few weeks.

It took me about two weeks to realize that my gout attacks are less intense. Sure, I could still experience pain, but it was not that bad anymore. I could still do things around. About a month later, my gout attacks lost their frequency – I get about one or two attacks a week and they are quite mild.

How to prepare devil’s claw for gout

If I knew about these effects, I would have started this treatment before even getting gout – it is a prevention treatment as well. While I do feel much better now, I stick to this treatment because it is just as efficient for maintenance.

So, how do you prepare it? You can get devil’s claw root – whole or chopped. Get a few grams of it and prepare a tea with about 300 milliliters of water. Let the tea stand at the room temperature for around eight hours, then get rid of the root and drink the tea. You can drink it in two or three sessions.

Devil’s claw can also be bought as a supplement – less hassle, as you mostly find it in powder or capsules.

In the end, gout and devil’s claw represent an interesting combination. While recognized in some countries as a potent supplement, your doctor is less likely to tell you about it. A natural approach can only help in the long run, so I truly recommend giving it a shot.

Remember, patience is golden. Stick to the treatment and you will notice an improvement in no time. Let me know how it works – use the comments section below.​

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