Cucumber and Gout – Is Cucumber Good for Gout?

cucumber and gout

Gout is a type of arthritis that occurs in people whose body is unable to remove excess uric acid or produces this acid in too high amounts. It is a lifelong condition and obviously, there is no cure for it. You can use certain medications that do come with countless side effects.

A much better idea is to monitor your diet. If you follow certain rules and you consume foods that are safe or beneficial for gout, you will enjoy your life more. In simple terms, you won’t be in risk from a gout flare and you can manage the uric acid levels more accurately.

There are many types of foods and many types of drinks you need to consume daily. There are also many of these you need to avoid, completely. Ideally, you will be focused on specific food and know about its effect on gout. Then you can develop a complete picture of how a meal containing that and other foods will affect your gout. In this article, we will be focused on cucumber and gout.

Basics about cucumbers

Cucumbers are delicious, commonly consumed all around the globe and they do offer amazing health benefits. They contain high levels of water but are low on calories. In addition, this vegetable does contain high traces of fiber.

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Cucumbers are well-known for their ability to promote hydration. They are rich in water and humans get 40% of the water from the food. You probably didn’t know that. Both vegetables and fruit are known to provide our body with plenty of water.

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sliced cucumber

Cucumbers are also appreciated thanks to the ability to promote good bowel movement, to help people who want to lose weight, and also to control blood sugar level. These are a few benefits and as you see, there is no obvious link between cucumber and gout. In order to get the answer you have been looking for, you should continue reading.

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Cucumber and gout specifics

Cucumbers contain only 7.3 mg of purines in 100 grams of the vegetable. This means this vegetable is low on purines. If you don’t know, purines will be converted into uric acid when the level is high, they will cause a gout flare. That’s why it is essential to limit the intake of foods and drinks high in purines. Don’t forget that foods high in purines will contain 200 mg of this compound per 100 grams.

When it comes to cucumber and gout, one benefit is extremely important. As you saw earlier, this vegetable is rich in water. Water helps your body remove the excess of uric acid. Your body is mostly made from water, 95% actually so you can deduce why this liquid is so important in general, not only for gout.

Is cucumber good for gout?

Cucumber is beneficial for gout sufferers due to the high water level. When you increase water intake, your body will remove more fluids from itself. A part of that fluid is uric acid. More fluids removed simply means a lower level of uric acid in the bloodstream! This can an important benefit of all foods and especially vegetables high in water.

Sadly, there are no other benefits cucumbers will offer to gout sufferers. Yes, this is a healthy vegetable to consume but there are no obvious links to the condition in question. Luckily, you can get the other health benefits mentioned above.

Best ways to consume cucumbers

Cucumbers are extremely easy to transfer into a meal or even a beverage. The best way is to consume them raw in the salad. As such, you are going to get all the nutrients found in the vegetable and in high amounts. This is also the most ‘’traditional’’ method of consuming cucumbers.

There are more creative ways to consume the vegetable. You can make smoothies, boats, or even consume it in a soup. Roll ups are probably the most interesting way and the most appealing for some. All of these meals if we can call them like that are easy to make and will help you gain all kinds of nutrients from the cucumbers.

As you were able to see cucumber and gout share a weak but important link. This vegetable is beneficial for gout sufferers due to the high water level. It does offer other health benefits but none of them is important for gout patients.

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