Cranberries And Gout – Myths & Issues Explained In Small Details

cranberries and gout

Part of the berry family, cranberries are small round fruits used in all kinds of recipes – from smoothies and cocktails to more sophisticated dishes. They come with a series of benefits, as they are rich in vitamin C and can help against urinary issues, gastric affections and wounds. Rich in antioxidants, they also help the immune system and protect against diabetes, heart disease, chronic inflammation and even cancer.

Based on their benefits, cranberries and gout seem to go hand in hand. They can help against inflammation and gout is a type of arthritis – an inflammatory affection. From many points of view, cranberries are considered superfoods. But since you have gout or you try to prevent it, are they suitable for your diet?

Cranberries and gout explained

The main cause of gout consists of high levels of uric acid in the blood. The so called hyperuricemia is caused by a heavy intake of purines. While purines are naturally found in the body as well, having too many of them can cause the gout to come back and trigger painful episodes. Purine levels vary widely from one food to another. Some food types are quite high in purines, while others are relatively low. This is why most gout sufferers must switch to a low purine diet, which implies limiting or getting rid of foods like red meat, seafood or poultry.

Sugar is also worth some consideration, as high amounts of sugar (or fructose) can increase the levels of uric acid. Finally, it is worth considering alkaline forming foods over acid forming foods.

Cranberries and purines

Generally speaking, cranberries are low in purines. About three ounces of purines – 100g – will have less than 100mg of purines. From this point of view, cranberries seem relatively safe and can make some good solutions for your gout diet.

Cranberries and sugar

While most fruits are rich in sugar, cranberries are a bit different. They are quite low, meaning a cup of cranberries will only bring in four grams of sugar. Raw cranberries are great for gout then. At the same time, cranberry juice can be helpful is 100% natural – ideally, you should make it yourself. The one you find in commerce is most likely enhanced with sugar or various chemicals that may harm your body. The same rule applies to dried cranberries or cranberry jams and sauces, which are boosted with heavy amounts of sugar.

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Cranberries – Alkaline or acidic?

If the pH value goes below 7.0, the body is acidic. Anything over 7.0 is alkaline. An alkaline diet will eliminate more uric acid in the urine, which means the risk for gout is slightly lower. Acidic urine promotes the absorption of uric acid back into the blood, which can trigger gout flareups and even the formation of kidney stones. With these thoughts in mind, someone with gout should try to maintain the urine within alkaline limits.

The cranberry pH value is around 2.4, meaning they are acidic. This type of value will promote the production of more uric acid, which leads to gout. So, are cranberries and gout alright to mix?

At this point, cranberries no longer feel safe. The truth is you need to balance your diet – about 70% of it should be alkaline, while 30% can be acidic. No matter what types of food you opt for, stick to healthy options and avoid the famous gout causes, such as red meat or poultry.

Most fruits and veggies are alkaline. Some of them may seem acidic – such as citric fruits, but once in the body, they trigger the production of alkaline compounds, so they are still safe.



As a short final conclusion, cranberries and gout can raise a series of questions. From some points of view – the sugar content and purine levels, cranberries are totally safe for gout sufferers or those who try to prevent further flareups. But then, since they are acidic rather than alkaline, they may seem like a contraindication. The acidity itself is not a reason to eliminate certain foods from your diet though. If your diet is 70% alkaline, you can have a few healthy acidic foods as well. The acid profile will not affect your condition – plus, you will reap all the benefits associated with these fruits.

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