Compression Socks for Gout – Do Compression Socks Help with Gout?

compression socks for gout

Over the last couple of years, I have discovered almost countless remedies, tips, and tricks that all should help us, gout sufferers. Some of them are obvious and they really work well. Others don’t work at all.

I am most surprised with the remedies and methods that look irrelevant for gout management but they actually work and they can be more than just helpful. In a nutshell, this is a great benefit and something I always recommend.

One of the methods I am discussing right now are compression socks for gout. So, what are they and do they work or don’t?

What are compression socks?

It is unlikely that you have never heard of compression socks. They were and they are still very popular in the United States. I also know that they are very popular across the world and used by people of all ages.

Compression socks are made from a stretching material, which will decrease its volume once the sock is on your feet and therefore increase pressure over the targeted area.

How much the compression sock will expand and collapse is measured in mmHg or millimeters of mercury. The higher the number, more the socks will collapse and higher pressure will cause the targeted area.

Benefits of compression socks are better circulation, prevention of ulcers, decreasing leg swelling and so much more. There are over 6 benefits all provided by each type of compression socks. They do come in various colors, sizes and with various additions.

These socks can be worn by anyone and as long as you want. There are no issues or complications that were linked to longer usage of the socks. A more important question is can you wear compression socks for gout and will you get certain benefits?

compression socks

Compression socks for gout – The link

Compression socks for gout are one of the oldest and the most effective treatments. First of all, these socks won’t cure gout nor they will help you by providing amazing benefits within a single hour. However, they do help!

Compression socks will boost blood flow in the targeted area. If we know that gout commonly occurs in the big toe, promoting circulation here will result in faster crystal removal.

In return, you get a flare that lasts less and usually doesn’t cause as much pain as without compression socks. Although I am referring to conventional compression socks, there are variations that can be worn on different parts of the body.

Some manufacturers claim that compression socks also massage the affected area and decrease swelling, pain, and tenderness. I personally believe that this isn’t true. It may help some, but probably not all.

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Some people claim that compression socks made their gout flare worse. This isn’t possible and chances are high that another trigger was present. It was a coincidence that happens, nothing more.

So compression socks help with gout?

Wearing compression socks for gout is something I would like to recommend. You don’t have anything to lose and you may get significant improvement. I try them and I noticed a significant decrease in pain and also the attack lasted a few hours shorter.

How to wear compression socks for gout?

There are two main situations when you should wear compression socks. First and foremost, you can and you should wear them every single day. Take them off at night.

If you don’t have a habit of wearing them all the time, you can wear them only during a gout attack. Sadly, we both know it will happen sooner or later. When you notice the first symptoms of a gout flare, put your socks on and wear them as long as the attack lasts.

Some of you may want to wear these socks all day long and through the night. Although there are no major issues with this, I don’t recommend it. Your skin and your feet should be allowed to breathe. Skin breathing through the socks is significantly affected. So, there you go. Compression socks for gout are a worthy alley and they are something we all should keep in our closet and use when needed. They can only help you and there won’t be any complications.

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