Colloidal Silver and Gout – Will Colloidal Silver Help Gout?


Gout sufferers have literally tried everything that may look like a helpful remedy for gout. I have probably tried 90% of the treatments out there and I won’t settle until I try all 100%.

What I have discovered is that some medications, treatments, and procedures work as advertised. Others don’t work at all and third work but cause some other issues. Luckily all of those symptoms were minor such as headache or heartburn.

What about colloidal silver and gout? I got several queries regarding this link and there is a link in the first place and I had to create an article explaining these two. This is precisely going to be an answer to those questions.

What is colloidal silver?

These days you may have never heard of colloidal silver and I don’t blame you. This was a treatment used before the 1940s before antibiotics were invented. In the simplest possible term, this is silver.

Colloidal silver was used in medicine as a treatment to kill bacteria and germs. It can kill over 650 different bacteria such as salmonella typhus, influenza, streptococcus-A, and many others. Primarily, it targets bacteria that need plenty of oxygen as the source of energy.

The soldiers of World War I apparently used this remedy to treat infected wounds. It was relatively successful and it helped many survive. Some even carried a silver leaf that could be used in a case of injury.

These days, colloidal silver isn’t common and it isn’t popular. It is reserved for history medicine teachers and professionals who may have heard of it or used it in some study.

One of the most common issues, when the colloidal silver is used, is a side effect known as argyria. When this happens, your skin will become blue or grey. It is a harmless condition in the lack of a better word, but it obviously affects how you look.

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver and gout- Does it affect the condition?

Colloidal silver kills bacteria and germs. It is a bioactive metal that does not affect gout in any way. You must know that the main issue that affects and cause gout is uric acid and colloidal silver does not have any effect on it.

If you are trying to find a method or a treatment that actually works and has positive sides, I recommend you to look in a different direction. Colloidal silver can be used to treat wounds if you are fanatic and can be used to treat some bacteria-caused diseases, but it is not effective in treating arthritis of any kind. Colloidal silver and gout are not linked in any way.

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Should you use colloidal silver to treat gout?

There is no need for you to use colloidal silver for gout and you should not expect any benefits and advantages. However, some patients and a few of my friends have reported that they feel better while wearing silver bracelets around a gout-affected joint. I cannot explain the specifics, but most of them do claim that there are important benefits.

Those who really want to try colloidal silver for gout can do two things. The first is to consume a supplement and the second is to wear a silver bracelet. When combined, both conditions may be helpful but there are no guarantees.

I must add that when using a supplement, there are chemically and electrically made supplements, electrically are much better. Chemically produced colloidal silver has protein that will cause silver salts to develop which can be a serious issue in large amounts.

In the end, all I can say is that colloidal silver and gout are not connected, there is no correlation of any kind and there is no need to consume it in order to treat gout. You can try a supplement and wearing a silver bracelet, but odds of getting the benefits is very low. On the other side, silver bracelets and jewelry look cool and appealing.

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