Acupuncture for Gout – Can Acupuncture Help with Gout?

acupuncture and gout

It is important not to stop looking for the next gout treatment. I have literally tried almost everything I have discovered and I am still trying new things as often as possible.

The key point here is not to be afraid of procedures, foods, and beverages that are available. Of course, I am referring to those that have more positive than negative sides and those that are relatively safe for humans.

A proper diet and proper fluid intake can help us, gout sufferers to a certain degree, but it isn’t a wonderful solution. That’s why you should consider additions. One of them may impress or shock you.

I introduce you gout and acupuncture. Is there any link or better said any benefit? Yes, there is and let’s find out.

What is acupuncture?

For us, acupuncture may be a new thing, but it is far from that. It has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM for almost 1000 years and it has been an effective treatment.

The idea is that all people have a life force known as chi. It flows through our body and has its paths which may be affected at some point. When the flow is interrupted, the pain or swelling or some other issue will occur. This basically means that gout occurs when the flow is affected.

Acupuncture will restore the natural flow of chi through the body and restoring the balance. When the balance is restored, there is no pain. To achieve this, experts in acupuncture use needles of different lengths and thicknesses.

They are placed through the skin in various places. There are 350 areas that can be used and each needle must be placed to a different depth. This is basically how the acupuncture works, but in the real world, it is far more complicated.

In China, acupuncture has been used for treating various conditions such as headaches, migraines, neck pain, back pain, knee pain and so much other. It is also used to treat painful periods, low and high blood pressure and also morning sickness.

acupuncture points model
acupuncture points model

Can acupuncture help with gout?

Yes, there is a link between gout and acupuncture. To explain this, I must explain the study conducted in Shengzhen Longgang TCM hospital in China. They compared acupuncture with painkillers.

The study consisted of 80 people who were all diagnosed with gout. They were divided into two groups, 36 males and 4 women and one group was treated with NSAID medications (designed to decrease the enzymes that cause inflammation) while other group was treated with acupuncture.

Both methods were effective, I must add this. The medications measured a success rate of 82.5% which isn’t bad. But, here’s the catch. Acupuncture measured a success rate of 92.5%.

Acupuncture has effects on two things both present during a gout attack. The first is dampness which stands for edema and swelling in general. The second is heat which is another term for inflammation and has been used since the ancient Romans.

All I can say at this point is that gout and acupuncture are more connected than anyone thought. This treatment can relieve pain completely and can also relieve all the related symptoms.

I personally believe that acupuncture can be used for gout attacks only. It cannot be used to treat the disorder nor to correct it completely.

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Should you use acupuncture for treating gout?

If you are scared of needles and you don’t like ancient medical treatments, you probably won’t even consider acupuncture. But, you should. This is a powerful treatment that can help you eliminate gout attack completely and can improve life quality.

For those of you considering, only use professionals who have been practicing acupuncture for years. If you can find a Chinese professional, even better. They learn much wider and massive details about acupuncture. Do not try to do this alone at home. It won’t work! I have checked the study I have mentioned above and I have checked gout and acupuncture correlation by myself and I must say this is a successful method. It is far from painful and it can completely provide pain relief without any side effects or downsides.

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