The ULTIMATE List Of 14 Foods To Avoid With Gout

By | January 31, 2018

Foods to avoid with GoutYou may have come across the word “Gout” quite frequently in your life, but never really understood what it refers to. Gout is in fact an agonizing form of arthritis which aim at and attack any joint of a person’s body and cause trouble, mostly the joints of the feet. What happens is that uric acid crystals tend to grow and form a home in the joints which is one of the primary causes since it calls for swelling as well as an unbearable pain. What may cause the birth of such an unimaginable situation would be certain foods that carry a higher concentration of purine in them ultimately causing your uric acid level to shoot up. This, as a result leads to gout, a condition caused due to intake of certain nutrition.

Even if you are suffering from this condition or you happen to digest certain foods that have gotten you close to gout being a part of your life, you can still make some necessary changes in your life right now that help you fight this disease in no time without having to go through any trips to the doctor.foods to avoid with gout

What should you avoid

The first and only rule of making your plan to get rid of gout is to make up your mind about having to avoid foods causing gout. By choosing to follow this list of foods to avoid with gout and sticking to your diet is the easiest way to remain gout-free forever.

List of foods to avoid with gout:

  1. Alcoholic beverages
  2. Shellfish
  3. Bacon
  4. Turkey
  5. Drinks high in sugar (Coca cola, apple juice)
  6. Veal
  7. Liver
  8. Salmon
  9. Chicken
  10. Beef
  11. Codfish
  12. Some vegetables and fruit (Raisins, broccoli, leek, dried plums)
  13. Tofu
  14. Shrimp

Purine – not so pure

Keep in mind that a rise in uric acid levels may be a possibility when you eat certain foods that instantly cause hostility to take place inside your body. If you take certain foods that cause gout which are the ones carrying a high level of purine in them, it’s time to dump them and never let them enter your home. This substance is known to be found commonly in foods. Whenever you consume anything having a high level of purine, uric acid is produced by your body which becomes a waste product. If you’re someone living a healthy lifestyle, you should not be worried since your body does get rid of excess uric acid and discharges it from the body.ultimate guide to know everything about gout symptoms

But if you already suffering from gout, then trying to get rid of the excess is not an easy process.  This is the reason why it is essential to resist any foods carrying purine in them since their intake allows uric acid to make room inside your body and ultimately cause gout. For this purpose, it is wise to stay away from meat even in smoked form, salmon, trout, shrimp, sardines, organic meat, herring etc. Furthermore, the list of foods you need to avoid with gout also include the product of bakers or brewer’s yeast must not be digested since they also carry of high risk of causing gout.

Not so saucy

When we talk about nutrition, it is important to remember that certain foods having fat will be the reason of your gout attacks which is simply because the food items holding high amounts of fat in them lead to the kidneys retaining uric acid. Therefore, whenever you plan to go out for a meal with friends or colleagues, make sure you pick a meal which is free from any gravies or sauces. For someone who enjoys having soup, dressings or deep-fried food, it may be a hard task to let go of such foods that cause gout but it will only help in getting better when it comes to your health. These foods are known to carry high amounts of purine in them thereby becoming the reason you have gout or are likely to have gout in the future, if you do not stick to your diet.Fat and Gout

Bittersweet risk

You are in for a quick mood change if you happen to have a sweet tooth. Making sugar a huge part of your diet can be harmful for the body. By having a lot of foods that cause gout i.e. the ones carrying high amounts of sugar in them will lead to developing and noticing symptoms of gout. Pastries, biscuits, cakes or doughnuts carry an increased level of sugar as well as fat which make them unfit for digestion and should be avoided with gout.Sugar and Gout

Sip no more

Drinks with an increased level of fructose for instance soda are some items that cause gout. Now, you may be wondering that a person suffering from gout is being told to avoid something which is not even rich in purine. Always remember that your body will always be at risk even if you digest certain items which are not carrying purine in them. It is the increase in uric acid level which leads to development of gout.Diet Soda And Gout

Vegetable trouble

Many vegetables like asparagus, legumes, mushrooms or beans should be consumed at a moderate level to keep your uric acid level neutral. They can be consumed twice a week with a serving equal to cup of vegetable in raw form and a half cup in cooked form.


Avoid consuming sea-food items as well as meat in a large quantity. List of foods to avoid with gout are extended to goose, bacon, crabs, sardines, lobsters, shrimps etc are vital for your body since they carry protein in them.Seafood and gout

Health before everything

If you believe restricting to a diet plan is not the only solution to your gout problems, you can pay a visit to your doctor in order to seek medical advice regarding putting a restriction on gout for your satisfaction.

It is best when you decide to seek medical advice from your doctor regarding foods to avoid with gout. But you can also use the following guide in relation to certain food items that need to be removed from your diet in order to not only live a gout-free life free from attacks full of unbearable aching, but also to remain healthy forever!

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